Terms and Conditions for Model Poetry MODELPOETRY.com

Materials. ModelPoetry.com (all versions and names and iterations ever existing, including ModelsForCommunity.com, and any owned site that through our systems, sites and entities, forward or link to ModelPoetry.com and any site connected to ModelPoetry.com and its creators, and any platforms used by its creators) and all materials that are a part of Model Poetry in any way, including, without limitation: videos; recordings, images; design; wording; content; instructional info.; audio; layout; designs; advertising copy; trademarks; domain names; trade names; logos; service marks and trade identities; any and all information that may be under copyright (including source and object code); the whole concept of Model Poetry; the way it's put together, the materials of Model Poetry; and all other materials related to Model Poetry--these materials are owned and controlled by Model Poetry, and its subsidiaries and are protected from unauthorized use, copying and dissemination by copyright, trademark, patent, publicity and other laws, rules, regulations and international treaties. (Model Poetry or ModelPoetry.com or any connected term or site shall be used interchangeably and used to describe Model Poetry and all connected and owned entities--throughout this document, and any other appropriate documents.) No rights (whether perceived as implied or otherwise) are granted to you. Any and all rights to use any materials are hereby reserved for Model Poetry and/or its subsidiaries. Nothing contained in these Terms will affect, impair, or limit in any way, Model Poetry's rights to exploit fully any or all of the Materials. You acknowledge and agree, by interacting with Model Poetry and using any of its services or products that you will not, directly or indirectly, debate, challenge, aid or abet in debating or challenging the validity or ownership of the materials, or take any action whatsoever against Model Poetry's rights therein, or be in breach of, any terms and conditions contained in these Terms or in any way contend with Model Poetry. Again, by using any of Model Poetry's products or services, or any and all entities connected to Model Poetry, or engaging with Model Poetry, or any names used to represent Model Poetry, in any way, therein, you acknowledge that you agree to all terms and conditions. You acknowledge and agree that you will not attempt to acquire or claim any rights in the materials, or aid or abet anyone else in doing so. Again, by using any of Model Poetry's services you acknowledge and agree that Model Poetry will always have ownership of any of the videos, recordings, images, ideas, writings, poetry, thoughts, etc. that come from, and out of Model Poetry and that at no time may you own any of the materials of Model Poetry. Even if you pay to be filmed or recorded on any level, Model Poetry still owns any and all filmed, recorded or otherwise developed material in perpetuity. Even when there is no payment, and under any circumstance when Model Poetry records you, your likeness, your entity, your products in any way, you agree that Model Poetry becomes the sole owner of any such material and it can be used at any time, whether or not a relationship with you or your entity still exists. Model Poetry may lend you materials for use on your site, or on your projects(s) but reserves the right to end that lending period at any time with or without cause. Any time Model Poetry agrees to film for you, about you, around you, or includes you in any way, Model Poetry will always have sole ownership of its materials and can use them in any way at any time--as well as give or remove a lending of any materials to you at any time. Even when paid for filming or representation in any way, Model Poetry remains the sole owner of the content that comes forth. Further, Model Poetry and ModelPoetry.com shall be used interchangeably throughout and shall refer to any and all Companies affiliated with, run by, overseen by, run in conjunction with, subsidiary of, and any and all permutations of Companies in any way connected to ModelPoetry.com and its affiliates.

Any music or recordings that Model Poetry creates, remains the sole property of Model Poetry and / or all its iterations. If Model Poetry creates a song, recording, image, video, link, commercial, ad, gif, sticker, or representation of any kind that includes, refers to, names, connects to, or suggests you or your Company or Organization in any way; (and Company and Organization are interchangeable, when applicable, and used throughout) this entity remains the sole property of Model Poetry and any and all iterations and / or affiliations of Model Poetry, and the owner and proprietor intended when using the name Model Poetry in this document, and all documents clarifying the guidelines of working with Model Poetry, in perpetuity.

Payment, allowing Model Poetry to video tape, photograph, or record in any way is an acknowledgement and agreement with Model Poetry's and any of Model Poetry's and / or ModelPoetry.com's affiliates or subsidiaries' terms and conditions.

Sales are not guaranteed and no refunds will be given.

Model Poetry owns all of its videos and content at all times. Model Poetry owns all its images, Models' pictures, and Models' pictures when used in ads, mottos of Model Poetry and ad campaigns created by Model Poetry. In addition, MODELPOETRY.com may, can and will be used interchangeably whenever desired or appropriate.

Any Model, artist or individual engaging in any kind of business or agreeing to have image, voice, ideas, etc featured in any of Model Poetry's media, acknowledges and agrees to all of the terms of Model Poetry. All content submitted to Model Poetry becomes the property of Model Poetry and will not be returned. Any artist submitting to Model Poetry, their own material, (this does not signify just their name, or the use of their name, but rather physical material, or something specific that they created) under copyright, can be used without any limit by Model Poetry, but remains the intellectual property of the party submitting it. And all individuals engaging with Model Poetry in any way, must only submit original material for review, use, re-print, or presentation of any kind. Model Poetry will be held harmless by all parties in any way involved with submissions and all other engagement.

Any company working with ModelPoetry.com makes an express request for Models that ModelPoetry.com deems appropriate for any campaign or creative engagement, to be used to represent their entities. Models will only be made available at ModelPoetry.com's discretion, and all entities working with ModelPoetry.com agree to consent to the use of whichever Model

ModelPoetry.com matches to a campaign or creative engagement only as ModelPoetry.com sees fit, and has, said Model, available.

Any business working with Model Poetry agrees to have that business, its likeness, its associated businesses, its employers and employees and anyone or anything associated with that business or any of the businesses' associated businesess to be represented by Model Poetry. This includes ModelPoetry.com, ModelPoetry.com's website, any platform or entity Model Poetry presents on, or engages with, digital or otherwise--and websites associated with, owned, or in any way connected to ModelPoetry.com. This includes but is not limited to commercials, physical distributions, sound recordings, advertisements, and promotions or presentations of any and all kinds. Model Poetry also has the right to use any of said representations in any way, as long as Model Poetry deems fit; no Company or entity working with Model Poetry or having been associated with Model Poetry in any way, can request that any element on Model Poetry's creative entities-- that is related to their business or related businesses-- be removed; Model Poetry can, however, remove any business or businesses in such representations or promotions done by ModelPoetry.com and its associated businesses at any time with or without notice.

Any ads, commercials, videos, distributions or promotions developed or created by Model Poetry remains the sole property of Model Poetry and can be used or removed at any time in any way that Model Poetry sees fit. Any Company working with Model Poetry agrees to be represented by Model Poetry or any of Model Poetry's affiliates in any way that Model Poetry deems fit. Any Company working with Model Poetry in any capacity-- and filmed, photographed, recorded or documented in any way, permits Model Poetry to use all representations in perpetuity.

Any Business working with Model Poetry in any way agrees to the protocol, rules, regimen, decisions and decision-making processes of Model Poetry. Any time Model Poetry has a Celebrity, Model, Actress, Singer or Performer endorse Model Poetry or any product associated with Model Poetry or models or poses for Model Poetry-- Model Poetry owns any and all content that in any way emerges from Model Poetry in its entirety at all times.

Any Business working with Model Poetry in any capacity agrees not to contact any of Model Poetry's contacts regarding any question or issue but to contact Model Poetry with any and all concerns. No Company that Model Poetry seeks out as a media platform or outlet shall be contacted by any entity Model Poetry is working with or for, regarding interactions between Model Poetry and said Company, unless Model Poetry gives express permission and/or agrees to such a contact or discussion. Any Business working with Model Poetry shall hold Businesses-- that Model Poetry commissions, hires, sponsors etc, especially to raise awareness about Model Poetry and its Community, as relates to efforts, sincere, ethical and legal, made on behalf of

Model Poetry-- harmless. All Businesses in the aforementioned capacity should contact Model Poetry for a response to any concerns.

In addition, there are no refunds whatsoever. All payments must be made in full once package is selected. Any payment to ModelPoetry.com is an express acceptance of all terms and conditions as well as permission to publish materials on any Company working with ModelPoetry.com or as stated above, its affiliates in any way at any time as seen fit by ModelPoetry.com. Agreeing to have any Person, element etc. of your Company recorded or discussed by Model Poetry, ModelPoetry.com in any way, is an acknowledgement not only that said entity agrees to the terms but that our terms override any existing terms in that Company, Entity or Organization of any kind. A Company may approve a specific ad or image etc. but also permits ModelPoetry.com to publish, share, engage with, present, any image, video, idea, audio as deemed fit by ModelPoetry.com in relation to all Companies working with ModelPoetry.com. Any payment to ModelPoetry.com is an acknowledgement of an agreement with ModelPoetry.com, to all terms. And again, any agreement to have ModelPoetry.com record any element of a Business or entity of any kind, is an agreement to have ModelPoetry.com publish etc. any and all recorded material from that Company, Organization or Entity of any kind.

When Model Poetry makes a song, or recording and uses your and/or your Company's name, Model Poetry will be the sole proprietor, of that created work, in perpetuity.

Acceptable payments are Credit Card,

PayPal, Cash (with receipt requested), Cash App, Venmo, and Check. For any checks returned unpaid, a $65 charge-back fee will be assessed.

In addition, as ModelPoetry.com is clearly in high demand, and works well, effectively and positively in the Community, ModelPoetry.com reserves the right to select those companies best fitting and most appealing to our audience, and which will advance our viewers in their quest for physical wellness, mental renewal and emotional health. It is the case however, that no statement is being made of any product in ModelPoetry.com to treat, cure, diagnose, etc. any disease.

A physician should always be consulted.

Further, past experience not a guarantee of future results.

All Model Poetry promotions are on a case by case basis. Any offer made at any time can be rescinded for any reason, including full usage of previously available supplies. Any gift offered is at the discretion of Model Poetry, and only available as long as the offer is available. The offer can be withheld or denied, for any reason at any time. Model Poetry is not responsible for any offer made by a Company that hires or is affiliated with Model Poetry. Terms and conditions may be changed in any way at any time, with or without reason, and with or without notice. And permission of any kind extended by Model Model Poetry, can be withdrawn, denied, rescinded, removed-- at any time, with or without cause.

Any pictures, videos, products, or anything of any kind submitted to Model Poetry, whether electronically, digitally, physically or otherwise, becomes the property of Model Poetry and will not be returned. Any person(s) giving Model Poetry permission to use any product, material, idea, image, video, in any way agrees to have it used by all Model Poetry and Model Poetry's affiliates at Model Poetry's discretion for no specified time.

No attempt shall be made to undermine the intent of Model Poetry's terms and conditions. All parties engaging with Model Poetry, agree to all intended purposes, guidelines, functions, boundaries and protections provided Model Poetry. Any attempt to manipulate details in order to pursue aims contrary to the intent and tone of Model Poetry's terms and conditions, shall be deemed invalid.

Model Poetry, ModelPoetry.com and all affiliates, subsidiaries, connected entities presents content from time to time. Any Company working with Model Poetry recognizes and agrees

that the publishing or presentation of content is at will and at any

time and in intervals, regular or not, that Model Poetry deems

useful and appropriate. All Companies working with Model Poetry

agree that whenever Model Poetry deems it necessary or

appropriate to present new content to its audience, it will--

and all Companies agree to let Model Poetry operate in this

fashion and shall be enthusiastic about the time, place, venue; whether physical or virtual, visual, or auditory, in English, or any language, and at any interval, that Model Poetry chooses.

And, as always, Model Poetry seeks to represent any Company

working with Model Poetry, in a positive light, and shall be held

harmless if any materials or presentations are misconstrued or

misinterpreted or received or described in any way that

Model Poetry did not intend, or deemed by anyone, in any way, to

be undesirable, as Model Poetry is highly acclaimed and sought after, especially by Celebrities and Companies often described as

"Natural" and or "Organic".

If Model Poetry places you (your image, voice, likeness, video of you) on any platform or media outlet, such as FOX, WPIX, ABC or any outlet -- you explicitly agree to never contact that outlet regarding Model Poetry ModelsForCommunity. com or any of its entities. You will hold harmless Model Poetry et al, and any and all outlets such as FOX, WPIX, ABC etc. and any media platforms, that Model Poetry has you placed on, or in any way connected to.

By working with Model Poetry, you agree to have Model Poetry place you on any television program, Sites, commercials, spots, interviews, websites, YouTube channels, Instagram, Twitter and any all social media.

If you are signed up to one social media platform, or any media platform or entity, and that platform is not available, or it becomes the decision of Model Poetry not to place you there, any and all social media and/or media of any kind belonging to, used or maintained by Model Poetry, is acceptable and satisfies any agreement with Model Poetry and is appropriate in connection to any payments Model Poetry has collected.

In addition, if, for example, an agreement is made where Model Poetry outlines a promotional campaign where you or your Company, in some likeness or representation, are to appear at the end of Model Poetry's music videos for the next 5 videos, or for a period of a month-- but in the course of the campaign, Model Poetry deems an alternate length, interval of appearance, or media type and/or presentation --such as having you appear in Model Poetry's Instagram images, in the upper right hand corner, for the next 5 weeks, twice a week-- more impactful, it is considered an upgrade and will be completely understood that Model Poetry has deemed this mode or pathway more appropriate, effective and powerful for your Business and thus Model Poetry may or may not contact you regarding such changes, as again, it shall be understood that any changes will be made to enhance how you or your Company are viewed in the public eye-- and any change is simply adaptive and explicitly intended for you or your Company's great benefit.

No payment shall be forwarded to you as a model, individual, business, media outlet, organization etc-- for any work, submission, contribution, modeling clip, film of any kind, media of any kind, writings of any kind, or entity of any kind-- unless an explicit agreement is made, prior to the entity or element, being used or included by Model Poetry. By submitting any work or welcoming or agreeing to have Model Poetry include your work in any way, is an acknowledgement of, and agreement with, our terms and conditions. In addition that work, element or entity can be used in perpetuity.

Any payment to Model Poetry is an acknowledgement of Model Poetry's terms and conditions. Once any Company agrees to work with Model Poetry, all imagery, likenesses and names connected to that Company shall be deemed proper for use by Model Poetry, and can be used by Model Poetry, even if Model Poetry is no longer being paid by you, and without monetary compensation to you or your Company, in perpetuity. All Companies agree to have such images or representation, which can become embedded in various media, used at will by Model Poetry in perpetuity.

All of the above holds true for our Physical Magazine and other publications. According to the law, statements in Model Poetry have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Always check with your physician before many any changes whatsoever.