Sacred Space

Our goal at the Temple of Mother Earth is to create a space that is calm, clear, and ideal for learning. We work to provide a place where everyone who wants to "Go inward"—back to their soul—may do so can feel at home. We all discover our uniqueness and our position in the cosmos during this journey.


Full Retreat Space

covers all of the magic house property plus the backyard of 1.0+ full access to the forest. It includes 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and the Fire Pit.


Majic House

covers all 5 bedroom access, 3 bathrooms, and the backyard. Fire pit is not included.

Living Room Video.mp4

Basement (8 hours)

basement and full room access.

Basement Video.mp4

Full Room

Full Room Video.mp4

Master Suite

160 x 134 room with Bed and Massage Table

Twin Room

134 x 117 room with Bed and Massage Table

Other Areas


The Forest

Kitchen/Living Area

Kitchen or Living Area.mp4


Firepit Video.mp4

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