Our goal is to unite constructively so that we can safely recover from the pain of colonialism and previous generations, as well as from all sorts of genocide committed against our people and the ongoing exploitation of our natural resources.

We want to make sure that everyone is aware of the fact that we are here to take care of our sacred grounds, safeguard our rivers, and stand up for our silent cousins, the animals.

We consent to the preservation of our dialects, rituals, lessons, and customs as well as to the healing of our past wrongdoings.

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Step 1:

Intake Form

Read the Constitutions & Bylaws and Please fill out the form with your personal information. Prepare a photo of the applicant's ID, Passport, State ID or Driver's license. Also, a passport pictures.

Step 2:


There will be a $150 USD contribution every two years for new/updated cards, use the donation methods we provide on the form and also include a photo of the receipt of the contribution after it is sent. You may also use this button below to process the contribution.

Step 3:

Membership Card

1. After the mother church council of Co-Creators has the "new membership" enrollment hearing, which is held weekly, the applicant will then receive an email of approval of their application

2. The applicant will receive an email with their digital church enrollment ID card

3. Receive in approximately 4-6 weeks the membership identification card:

Each member has a church ID card that identifies to non-members who the person is in possession of the church ID and what it allows the member to do accordingly to the church infrastructure bylaws and constitution.

This ID card puts all agencies and other jurisdictional entities on notice of whom the members are and how to interact with them. We have different types of members who do different types of services for the church to function daily.

Each service provided by members has a title description on the church Identification cards.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or updates please send an email to templeofmotherearth@gmail.com.

This is an application.

Not all applications are approved.

Our application process includes a character background check for cultural misappropriation purposes.

Who We Are

We are people from traditional/modern lives, international groups, and both indigenous and non-indigenous ancestry.

We are a global group of people who all share the conviction that every life is sacred.

We support the preservation of indigenous languages and ancestors' teachings as well as our natural human rights to heal using any traditional plant medicines or ceremonies.

Providing safe, healthy, unifying ways to share our traditions without engaging in cultural appropriation or other types of disrespect is something we really believe in. We may learn, co-create, and develop as a community that coexists with one another and our Sacred Mother Earth thanks to this trust.


Members of the Native American Church of Turtle Island of Temple Mother Earth come from a variety of cultural backgrounds, including both indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, and are Spiritual Earth Protectors.

NACTI members provide a wide range of alternative goods and services, including music, jewelry, apparel, and traditional rituals and remedies.

All of the products in our online store are manufactured by our members, who also own and operate the business entirely.

The following are the Executive Council/Board of Directors :

  • President: Dr. Sonatta Camara

  • Vice President: King James Ellis

  • Secretary: David E Gaskin

  • Treasurer: Samira Davis

Elders' Wisdom Council:

Members who have been attending for more than 50 years create groups to address issues and promote community growth. A man and a woman are chosen to speak on behalf of the group.

Youth Council:

Each aligned community has a subset of people who are at least 20 years old. The group chooses one young person to serve as the spokesperson or representative for the entire group of young people.

Both the mother church council of Co-Creators and the local church council will be in direct contact with the representative or spokesman.

Membership General Assembly:

There is a local church membership group created in each community. Any church member is welcome to join this group so they can have open, direct communication with the administration council, wisdom council, youth council, and other church departments and organizations.

Representative to the General Assembly:

The general assembly of each community will elect one representative to communicate directly with the church's administrative Council of Co-Creators, serve as a general spokesperson when necessary, relay messages to the assembly, and speak directly with the church Ambassadors for communication and problem-solving before bringing issues to the church Council of Co-Creators.

Curriculum in education:

Every community's educational initiatives must incorporate at least one indigenous language.

Sciences and Research Laboratory:

Each community has research centres for medicines and laboratory certification centres.

Legal Division:

Daniel R. Kent ( First Amendment Rights Attorney )

We are a religious nonprofit corporation free from taxes:

Our organization is a not-for-profit organization and functions only for spiritual preservation, healthy community organizational practices, and principles, putting spirituality behind the business and financial management with our Sacred Mother Earth and the future generations in front of the decision-making. Our church legally receives donations and contributions that are tax deductible for the person or people or organizations donating.

Identification Card for Members:

Each of our members has a church ID card that identifies them to outsiders and details what they are authorized to perform in accordance with the church's infrastructure, bylaws, and constitution.

All agencies and other jurisdictional bodies are informed of the holder's identity and their preferred method of contact by this ID card. We have a variety of members who do various services for church everyday operations.

*The church identification cards provide the following descriptions for each of the membership services:

Administrators of traditional plant medicines and ceremonies, facilitators of those ceremonies, cultivators of those ceremonies, IDs for basic members, IDs for members of the press and the media, administration IDs, and ambassador IDs.

Medical Services:

There are traditional plant medicine and ceremonial facilities in every village, where residents can learn about sacred plants, rituals, and respectful traditional indigenous etiquette and procedures.

Giving to the church:

Every two years, $150 USD is allocated for new/updated identification cards, printers, legal costs, administrative costs (including electronic equipment, computers, and travel for events), the acquisition of membership assets, the funding of new membership initiatives, the provision of emergency membership assistance, and the funding of ceremonial events.

Spiritual Get-Togethers:

Every year, our communities that are local and worldwide and other church organizations will conduct a celebration/day of prayer, sharing of rituals/medicines, and sacred knowledge.

Psychedelic Integration Circles by and for BIPOC.

Are you a BIPOC person actively exploring psychedelics and looking for a community to support your integration? Come learn and share!

Sundays from 4-5:30 PM EST

Welcome to @TempleMotherEarth!

We are an international Temple of consciousness, spiritual learning and healing centre, focused on providing the community with service, education, spiritual fellowship, healing practices, guidance, Kemetic teachings, plant medicine expansion, ayurvedic medicine and earth medicine healing.

501C3 approved + With various providers for healing: Health is our greatest wealth Hypnotherapy/ Psychotherapy Sounds healing /Yoni steam / Reiki / Beekeeping / gardening /Meditation Yoga / bodyworkers/ tantric practitioners / Qi Gong / crystals work / Numerology / ColorOlogy / womb work / mirror work / daily practice / Kambo / sacred ceremony Et el

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Mother Earth Tribe is a life-changing community so you can, deepen your spiritual practices, be witnessed, seen, heard, + supported, create space to connect inwards with your true self & intuition. We feature trusted experts, transformative tools and free virtual workshops that you can access anywhere in the world. With new members joining each day, we think you might like it too.

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