2020 Program

2020 Workshop calendar overview

Session time

11 Sept. 2020: Challenge Results

The challenges presented their final results.


  1. Workshop summary

  2. 2020 Telluride Challenge Projects:

    1. Insights into the early motion pathway (VISION)

    2. Guided reinforcement learning and imitation learning (GRILL)

    3. Learning to control race car (L2RACE)

    4. Benchmarking event-based meta-learning (METAL)

  3. Thank you and goodbye

Monday Aug. 3: Tutorials and General Talks

Host: Guido Zarrella

Tuesday Aug. 4: Learning to Control

Host: Tobi Delbruck, speaker introductions: John Doyle (Caltech)

  • (30m) Rodolphe Sepulchre (Cambridge, UK): Learning to control artificial neurons with neuromodulation.

  • (30m) Martina Poletti (U Rochester): The synergy between oculomotor behavior and visual perception.

  • (30m) Yorie Nakahira (Carnegie Mellon Univ, Pittsburgh): Diversity-enabled sweet spots in layered architectures and speed-accuracy trade-offs in sensorimotor control. Joint work with Quanying Liu, Terry Sejnowski, and John Doyle

  • Tutorial Q & A: Cornelia Fermuller: Early motion pathway

Wednesday Aug. 5: Cognition and Reinforcement Learning

Host: Emre Neftci

  • (30m) Andrea Stocco (U. Washington): Reinforcement learning in brains

  • (30m) Terry Stewart (NRC): Representing space and time in neurons

  • (30m) Benjamin Scellier (MILA, Montréal): Training nonlinear resistive networks with equilibrium propagation. Joint work with Yoshua Bengio.

  • Tutorial Q & A: : Terry Stewart: Nengo, cognitive models and neuromorphic hardware

Thursday Aug. 6: Neuroscience and Machine Learning

Host: Shih-Chii Liu

  • (30m) Fritz Sommer (UC Berkeley): Computing with rhythms and spikes

  • (30m) Wolfgang Maass and Anand Subramoney ,TUG): New learning methods for recurrent networks of spiking neurons

  • (30m) Claire Pelofi (NYU): Electrophysiological markers of timely cognitive processes: when to use EEG signals

  • Tutorial Q & A: Emre Neftci: Event-based learning and surrogate gradients

Friday Aug. 7: Technology and Challenges

Host: Cornelia Fermuller & Andreas Andreou

  • (30m) Xin Wang (Cerebras): Wafer-scale neural computation

  • (30m) Mike Davies (Intel): Advancing neuromorphic computing from lab to mainstream applications

  • (15m) Greg Cohen (Western Sydney U): The Astrosite event camera observatory

  • (40m) Overview of the Telluride 2020 Challenge Projects and collaboration via Slack channels (Emre & Terry)

  • Tutorial Q & A: Tobi Delbruck: Silicon retina event cameras