How do I get access to TEKSbank Classroom?

TEKSbank Classroom must be turned on at the district level and therefore requires district administrator approval. An administrator may contact Alison ( and request the eContract. Once we receive the eContract signature, Region 10 will reach out with resources for setting up your district license. 

Can I download or print the activity/assessment I create in TEKSbank Classroom?

At this time, we do not have download capabilities but it is a feature we are adding soon. We will keep you posted!

Are accessibility features available in TEKSbank Classroom?

We are currently working to expand our accessibility features in a variety of ways.  Currently, you are able to flag questions and zoom in and zoom out for each question. Accessibility features may be used through a device equipped with these capabilities, such as Apple Accessibility and Microsoft Immersive Reader, or third-party apps like web extensions available in the Chrome Web Store.

How can I reset my password?

Who can I ask for help when I am working in the application?

In the upper right hand side of the TEKSbank Classroom application there is a "Help" button.  Click this button to send a message to the TEKSbank team.  

What happens if I don’t get an email?

Check your Junk or Other (Non-Focused) email. The email will come from ExamSpark <>. If you did not receive an email let us know, Help Desk.

How do I find RLA focus assessments?

What are the current limitations on an activity?

TEKSbank classroom is designed as a formative assessment tool.  We have increased the question limit to 45 items spanning 20 standards. 

Do you have any help-docs?

So glad you asked! Yes we do! Visit our Zendesk here: