Ted Salmon
...my space on the web where I link to all the stuff I'm involved with and current projects. Blogging about tech, phones, films and, well, Whatever Works!

Ted's Salmagundi
This is my Blog where I write about stuff now and then. No schedule or pattern, just as and when I find something that I'm enthused enough to write about!

The Valley Diary
Once a month we put out a community magazine in The Villages of the Lavant Valley in West Sussex. I'm the Editor for this and sort out the Accounts and Invoicing too. If you're interested in finding out more, do click through.

Help Me Out...Thanks!
If you shop through my Associate Amazon Link they give me gift vouchers now again that I can use to buy tech stuff I need there to keep reviewing - and it costs you no more. It's only a very small percentage but it helps me. So please click on the link and shop away!
Mobile Phone Loans If you have a phone kicking about that you're not using and are happy to loan it for review (or any bit of tech actually) then give me a shout. I'll foot the postage bill.

About Me
I live in North Wales having moved here in 2017 after a life of Social Care, Psychiatric Nursing, Care Home Management and Administration. I have a Static Caravan on a coastal Holiday Park which is open 10 months of the year, close to my family's base, so spend a lot of my time darting between the two! I can be contacted via MeWe, Twitter or by GMail at tedsalmon