Ted Salmon
...my space on the web where I link to all the stuff I'm involved with and current projects. Blogging about tech, phones, films and, well, Whatever Works!

This is me!

I'm involved in podcasting quite a bit. Audio Podcasts - which should be available via your podcatcher or the links below. Do dip in and out and have a listen to what we're nattering about. In order to enjoy what's going on in the various Groups linked here to the full, you'll have to be a member of MeWe. If you're not already that, the link will take you to a Join Page. Do come on in. There's a couple of simple questions to get in so that we avoid automated attempts and undesirables!

Phones Show Chat Podcast
Steve Litchfield and I chat with guests about all things Mobile Phone once or twice a week.
There's also a supporting MeWe Group.

Whatever Works Podcast
Aidan Bell and I natter every couple of weeks about Whatever Works for us in our lives, what stuff we've been using and also some stuff that doesn't work! It's a riot! There's also a supporting MeWe Group.

Tech Addicts Podcast
Gareth Myles and I talk all sorts of Tech (we must be Addicts) from speakers and TV to phones and radios each week. There's also a supporting MeWe Group.

Projector Room Podcast
Gareth Myles, Allan Gildea and I talk films, cinema and TV every couple of weeks. What we've been watching and enjoying. Now and then we're joined by Steve Litchfield too. There's also a supporting MeWe Group.

Chewing Gum for the Ears Podcast
This is an occasional podcast from Steve Litchfield and I where we chat about music, what's new, old, what we like and don't! There's also a supporting MeWe Group.

PSC Photos
A MeWe group where the members share photos they have taken with mobile phones. There's a fun monthly competition and friendly pointers and constructive criticism.

PSC Classifieds
A Closed, Private MeWe group where we buy, sell and swap with a bunch of friendly people where honesty and good conduct is the ticket-price to get in and stay in. In order to protect the members, you'll have to jump through some hoops before we'll let you in. Sorry. GMail me.

Camera Creations
Photos from the members of this MeWe group are taken with Cameras, not phones! We chat about Photography and photographic gear too.

PSC Videos
A MeWe group where the members share videos they have taken with mobile phones. Why not join in the fun and show off your cinematic masterpiece!

Coffee Time
A MeWe group where pretty much anything goes. Bit of a gamble with the potential for people offending each other and it coming to blows, but the members of the other groups wanted somewhere to sound off now and then and discuss topics banned in the other groups! Apply to enter if you're thick-skinned!