About Us

Tecumseh Condominiums

The Tecumseh is widely recognized as a preferred waterfront residence, enjoying a uniquely beautiful location in Eastport—the charming section of Annapolis self-described as “The Maritime Republic of Eastport”. To complement the condominium’s unique amenities, such as the marina-side pool, picnic tables on the West Deck, and water taxi access at the end of the East Dock, Tecumseh has a tradition of friendly neighbors who join in seasonal pot luck dinners, sharing boating opportunities, and lend a helping hand to shovel snow, or carry groceries.

The Tecumseh community is made up of some owners who live in the complex year round, others who visit primarily on weekends and holidays, and a few residents who live in units rented to them by owners. It’s a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, in which the residents periodically get together in the condominium’s common areas for social activities, such as pot luck dinners, pool parties, holiday parties and festivals. The Tecumseh marina and waterfront areas afford a superb venue for the community’s sailboat racers, cruising sailors, people who enjoy powerboat cruising, tournament-level fishing enthusiasts, kayak and canoe outings, and those who just enjoy casual fishing, crabbing and simply walking around the docks.