1.Our house is located in Zurita de Piélagos. It is located in a rural area and quiet area, surrounded by nature. With large green area, good views and in a strategic place to move around Cantabria. The climate here is smooth, and normaly is warm and mild. The average temperature is of 14ºC. Due to our house is in Zurita, the bioclimatic desing of our house consist that it is hermetic, it use solar energy for the heating and for the day lighting (LED bulb). The house is yellow since this color reflect the solar energy.

2. For the foundations we use a shallow foundations that is a plinth combinated that covers all the area that are under the structure and that bear all the walls and columns because is the perfect foundation for soft grounds. This house use pillars to hold the roof that excels from the facade. It has slabs under the floor to transfers the weight to the beams.

3. We choose load-bearing walls because it bear compression and can be built with materials like stone, bricks and adobe. But for the smokestack we use regular stone walls because it is more stable. We put a termic insolation because is the best form to avoid heat losses and achieve save energy.

4. -We can use wood for the pallet.

-We can use bricks for build the load-bearing walls.

-We can use plastic for electrical insulators.

-We can use recycled glass for windows.


5. -The boiler is a machine to generate stream. The stream is generated with constant heat, the liquid fluid heat up and changes its stream state. And we choose it because is a easy form to obtein the hot water.

-The solar energy is a renovable energy. The solar panels absorb the solar energy and with it generates the electricity. We choose this system because it reduce our emissions of CO2 and it don't damage the enviroment.

-The heating have a simple functioning: with a generator, the water is heated. The water is cooling when give the heat for that the radiator eject it and the water its heated again by the generator and the process is started again. We choose this system because is economic and very usual.

6. -To recycle the rainwater we have put a channel so that the rainwater falls through it and is deposited in a tank. That tank has a filter to clean the water before it reaches our homes.

7. We find this ecological house that is located in the Valles Pasiegos de Cantabria. Is made of wood because they get the wood from tha surrounding forest.

This is the picture of when the houses was in construction. Here we can see the wooden structure that we talked before.