About Me

I am an Educational Consultant who loves to use technology to enrich lives. I support faculty, students and families in the use of technology. Modeling how technology can integrate easily in a classroom and its routines is a constant goal when working with teachers and students. Classroom management strategies and techniques are also in my toolbelt while in the classroom. I love researching, evaluating, and distributing technology resources, such as content-specific websites, pedagogical and leadership articles, relevant software, and any necessary hardware to the appropriate faculty members along with the necessary training/professional development on all tools. In previous positions I have coordinated with multiple school principals and administration teams to schedule school-wide technology and classroom management trainings as well as classroom visits to follow up on what the participants learned and to provide feedback. I have participated in multiple district-level curriculum visioning and groundwork discussions and acted as a technology-lensed member of the team. I have assisted multiple school campuses and districts with technology-infused curriculum planning and leadership. I enjoy creating tutorials and other resources to support asynchronous learning and review.


Master's in Elementary Education with an Emphasis in Educational Technology - Arizona State University West Campus

Bachelor's of Arts - Elementary Education - Arizona State University West Campus

Presenting Opportunities

MOBILE Learning - 2013, 2015

Native Innovation Tech Conference - 2014

Miami Device - 2014

5Sigma Anastasis Academy 2015

MOrEnet - 2015

TeachMEET Phoenix - 2015

Discover Magnet Conference - 2016

ISTE - 2016

Train My Teacher - Hickville, NY (Virtual sessions) - 2015, 2016

Arizona Summit Google Apps for Education - 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Southern Summit (GA) Google Apps for Education - 2017

FETC - 2017

Various IGNITE sessions - Camp Plug and Play (AZ), MOBILE Learning 2013, 2015

EdChangeGlobal - 2018

Session Topics

Chrome Applications and Extensions

Finding your own Android applications and tools

How to Grow a Personal Learning Network

Developing a Cohesive team

Creating a Viable STEM culture

Creating an Effective Implementation Plan

How to Integrate 3D stuff

Google Educator Certifications

Microsoft Innovator Educator