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Courtney Watson ~ Instructional Technologist

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Courtney Watson is a high school instructional technologist. She supports teachers with all of their #edtech needs in the classroom including planning and modeling lessons for teachers, troubleshooting, and providing professional development. As a secondary educator for nineteen years, her goal is to "reach one, teach one." She is passionate about impacting teachers and students by creating learner-driven spaces that encourage continuous growth and improvement. End goal: equip all learners with the necessary tools to help them become successful and have fun while doing it. Her website, which is also her mantra-Tech Without Tears, houses information and ideas on the latest EdTech trends.

Watson Tech

I was talking with my coworker-friend about needing to share about some of the things I've done on our campus. We talked through some things and rounded out my list. She sent a text later that night, "Maybe you need a motto, too; I don't know, just to let them know how fun you make technology for us. People actually look forward to reading your emails and such because you use your humor." I laughed but she was serious. She sent a few options, adding that if I thought it was lame, don't worry about it...and Tech Without Tears was born!

I don't like to be bored, so anything I have to do for others - teachers or students - I want to make sure it's not boring. This site is a place for me share some of my ideas, useful websites and apps, reflections, etc. with others. I hope you are able to find something of use!


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Instructional Technologist | Conroe High School

Master Technology Teacher (EC-12) | Master Reading Teacher (EC-12) | Business & Finance (6-12)

Elementary English (1-8) | Elementary Self-Contained (1-8)

Google for Education Certified Trainer

Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2

Wakelet Ambassador