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Join me the third Saturday of each month at 9 am in the Heritage Pines clubhouse to talk about the technology that permeates every corner of our lives.  We'll have questions, we'll have answers, we'll be sharing what works and what doesn't when it comes to computers, smartphones, tablets and more.  See you then!

TechTalkHP monthly meetings are in the Heritage Pines clubhouse at 9 am on the third Saturday of the month!  


Check theft is reaching epidemic levels.  Checks are stolen from the mail and then either “washed” (with a new payee and amount), or the bank information itself is simply used to create fake checks that are deposited into accounts created specifically to launder stolen funds into the criminals’ possession.  Unlike stolen credit card information which has mandated limit of liability once the theft is reported, the laws covering which bank will be held liable for honoring a fraudulent check or deposit may vary from state to state and banks are not swift in refunding the money (some are even being sued for excessive delays in returning money to their depositors).  Besides the initial financial loss, the check writer’s personal information is also valuable to the thieves to sell on underground markets and that may lead to identity theft as well.  Join me on Saturday June 15th at 9am in the Clubhouse for a LOT of reasons you should lock up the checkbook and find other ways to pay!

July--Web Browser Roundup and Showdown

The web browser is the workhorse of most computers.  Every computer has at least one, and sometimes many more than just the one that came with the machine.  You use the browser to watch videos, play games, check a map, shop on Amazon (and a zillion other places too), check your Gmail and so much more!  But different browsers do have additional features that may make your life "online" a little easier/more pleasant/less stressful.  Also there are tons of handy little "add-ons" that give your more features and more CONTROL over what you see in your browser and allow you much more customization of your experience!  Join me on Saturday July 20th at 9am in the Clubhouse and we'll walk through many of the choices you can make in browsers and add-ons for both Windows and Mac computers.  See you then!

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