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Join me the third Saturday of each month at 9 am in the Heritage Pines clubhouse to talk about the technology that permeates every corner of our lives. We'll have questions, we'll have answers, we'll be sharing what works and what doesn't when it comes to computers, smartphones, tablets and more. See you then!

TechTalkHP monthly meetings are in the Heritage Pines clubhouse at 9 am on the third Saturday of the month!


When (and how) to buy new technology/gadgets

New shiny tech toys! Phones, tablets, laptops, watches, exercise trackers or something to record all the shows you love from Netflix. Everyone loves new stuff, but to be fair, it isn’t ever cheap and sometimes it can seem like a gamble WHEN to buy something… “If I buy it now, will it be discounted next week?” We’ll talk about some pros and cons of upgrading immediately or waiting when your favorite hardware people bring out “new stuff”… and give you things to consider when buying upgrades your trusty tech gadgets. It doesn’t have to be the “newest” to do exactly what you need. Join us on November 15th at 9am in the Clubhouse for a discussion on smart tech buying.


"Fixing" your photos

Got a great picture of the North Carolina mountains….but didn’t notice the trash can in the corner of the picture before you clicked? How about blurring out the background of your kids' messy house but keeping the adorable grandbaby in focus? Maybe brighten up that selfie a little and even smooth out a few wrinkles? Or “removing” the boyfriend your granddaughter brought to the picnic since she’s moved on to a new boyfriend? There are a LOT of ways (and apps!) to improve your photos so you keep the best of your memories and are happy to have them available. I’ll give you some tips/tricks on helping your photos look their best and show you several free or very low cost apps that you can use for removing/enhancing/sharing photos.

(NOTE: December meeting is SATURDAY Dec 10th--the SECOND Saturday instead of third)

(HINT: go to the "Downloads" page to get a PDF copy of the slides used in the presentations...slides should be available the evening before the meeting so you can print out a copy and bring with you to take notes if you desire)

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