Design Services for Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

Services Offered

Social Media Management

TechSpaceSocial will create, manage, and track content across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. TechSpaceSocial will create forms, quizzes, and lead generation for all different types of organizations large and small. TechSpaceSocial will used organic and paid advertisement to boost your organization to new levels.

Graphic Designer | Desktop Publishing

TechSpaceSocial will gather existing materials to create layouts, position artwork and text on the layout. We also edit graphics, such as photographs or illustrations. we also can turn drawings and other materials into digital images, import text and graphics into desktop publishing software programs.

Select text size, column width, and spacing, then we check preliminary layouts for errors and make corrections. If you need to convert files for printing or websites. we are also able to send final files to a commercial printer or print on a high-resolution printer of your choice.


As your webmaster we will build functional and easy-to-use websites, test websites across browsers, operating systems and devices. Maintain, configure and troubleshoot servers and ensure site security by setting up firewalls and login pages. TechSpaceSocial will optimize loading speeds and capacity and debug pages and fix broken links or images. We will also update website content and review SEO, monitor and analyze site performance (e.g traffic, conversions) and also address user complaints.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Researching the practicableness of using Bitcoin and Ethereum in day to day transactions like getting paid for work that you have completed, and how easy is it to transfer from crypto to fiat and when you are available to use it.


A west coast record label needed a website with artist profile pages, new tracks uploaded, and events that they were going to be performing at in the San Diego Area. This project is ongoing.

Online Resume

We specialize in online resumes and print resumes. We are able to help update your resume and give recommendations on how to improve your resume and cover letters.

Online Store

A west coast record label has merchandise that needs to be able to be purchased directly from the website, and be able to notify shop owner of when to send out products and what products to send out. This project is still ongoing.

Brand Identity and Marketing

Flashlight online marketplace needed a brand identity, name creation, social media marketing and logo designed. This is an online Amazon e-commerce store, that is still in progress.