Futbol Analytics

-Data and Analysis to Transform Your Game


Techsal Inc partners with Heart and Sole Academy, Region 5 National Director's Academy ahead of 2019 Futsal ID | We are creating and implementing the "best practices" (see below) for integration of analytics into player development at the National Team level

Techsal Inc partners with Detroit Elite Futsal Club, USYF National Director's Academy ahead of 2020 Futsal ID | We are providing technical assistance and coaching for the DEFC Academy ('09 USYF National Champions) as well as implementing a player development program and analytics.

PROPOSAL Integration of Analytics Federation-wide

We are a first mover in the integration of performance analytics for futsal geared towards player development, our partners:

Our work flow leverages the cloud to get actionable data seamlessly to our clients

We set the standard in the industry for data collection, analysis, and distribution with fully time-stamped, live, contextual data, featuring complete positional co-ordinates and qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed scenarios