About us

Knowledge shared is knowledge gained.

Technical Writers of India (TWIN) is the single largest community of India-based technical communicators, editors, and language professionals. TWIN offers a professional discussion forum with 20,000+ subscribers, a vibrant Facebook community of 12,000+ technical communicators, and an active LinkedIn group of 4,000+ members. TWIN volunteers also run a community for technical communication leaders, Manage the Docs, which hosts leadership sessions every month for aspiring managers, senior leaders, and entrepreneurs.

When it was first conceived in 1998, nobody had the faintest clue that TWIN would grow to its present stature so quickly. Several factors played a role in this evolution, not the least of which is the nearly sudden explosion of awareness about technical communication in India. The TWIN website reflects this evolution as it was one of the pioneers of the profession and continues to remain an important resource for all aspiring and experienced Indian technical communicators. In a natural metamorphosis, TWIN grew from being a mailing list and a static website to an interactive community portal.

TWIN’s exponential growth is a testimony to the maturity and development of the technical writing industry in India. The organization’s activities are managed by volunteers, so it encourages India-based writers to develop and enhance leadership skills and get recognized in this competitive, growing industry. TWIN’s leadership team comprises seasoned professionals from the Indian technical communication industry, and their vision is to create an international platform for Indian technical communicators to interact with their global counterparts.

TWIN actively engages with universities, engineering associations, and educational institutions to improve the quality of professional communication in India. TWIN volunteers visit colleges/universities and conduct workshops on technical communication for students. Such workshops are either free or nominally priced.

In cooperation with tekom (www.tekom.de), Europe’s largest association of technical communicators and translators, TWIN organizes the tcworld India conference, which is India’s largest international conference for professional technical communicators and language professionals.

If you wish to organize a technical communication workshop for your association members, students, or community, get in touch with the TWIN leadership team. You can send a message to Akash Dubey (akashjd@yahoo.com).

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