Online Reviews

Importance of Online Reviews for Small Business Reputation

With the passage of time, online reviews are gaining more power. According to a survey, about 91% of people read online reviews regularly or occasionally. And 84% people trust those reviews as personal recommendations. With this statistic, it becomes evident that online reviews are quite important for the businesses.

For the small businesses that try to get established over the online media, online reviews are of utmost importance. If there are positive reviews about a business, that business is surely going to earn well. On the other hand, negative reviews can bring a business in pretty bad condition.

Here in this scenario, it would be important to discuss how online reviews can be important for the reputation building of small businesses.

Reviews build credibility

With smartphones getting more common recently, researching for the products has become a procedure of screen taps. However, it is not all about the information about the products. The customers also need to know about the credibility of a product before they purchase it. It’s a no-brainer here that positive online reviews can actually instill trust in the minds of the customers. With the help of positive reviews, you can emerge as a leader brand in your related niche.

Reviews and SEO

For effective SEO of your business, you need content on your website. Now, having online reviews on your website consistently is a way to get fresh and unique content added on your site. Since more people will visit your site to write reviews, this would be an additional SEO advantage. And the addition of content will bring your website in the spotlight of Google. The same SEO advantage goes ultimately to the main site even if its business page is created on the review sites.

Another advantage from the perspective of SEO is that you get ideas for content. Based on what your customers say, you can create topics for the new content. This way of creating content will help you take your business in different dimensions.

Connecting with your customers

For successful business, you are going to have to make sure that you are fully connected to your customers. And reviews help you to connect with your customers in pretty effective manner. When a customer leaves a review on your site, you can respond to that review by saying thanks if the review is positive. If the review is not negative, you can respond the review to know about the concerns of your customers. This way of connecting will help other people understand your approach towards your customers and they will be more than happy to buy from you.