How to Sync AOL Mail with Gmail?

Have you ever sought to access your AOL Mail account within your Gmail account? Accessing the two mail accounts in your single account is an amazing idea to execute on; you don’t need to switch to different apps to access your account. Adding the accounts to Gmail is trouble free and just requires a simple procedure to be followed. If you also want to add your AOL Mail to your Gmail account then this blog is for you only. In case of any issues, contact technical support.

Here we have compiled how to sync AOL Mail with your Gmail account. Follow the subsequent steps to sync your AOL Mail with the Gmail.

Sync AOL Mail with Gmail:

  • Go to your Gmail account

  • Select Settings

  • Click on the Accounts tab

  • Click on “Add a mail account you own”.

  • Enter in the AOL Mail address into the Address field

  • Click Next.

  • Enter in the appropriate settings so the connections function.

  • Enter in your username and password for your account.

  • Ensure that the following settings are accurate.

  • POP Server:

  • Port: 995

  • Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail

  • Select leaving a copy on the server and archive incoming messages

  • These settings are per your preference and will not affect the connection.

  • When everything looks accurate click on Add Account.

  • Check “Yes, I want to be able to send mail as…”

  • This will allow you to send email as your AOL Mail

  • Click Next

  • Verify or edit the name on the email or if you’d like replies to be delivered to another account enter in a different Reply-to address.

  • Gmail will send verification to your AOL Mail account

  • Once you get the verification code enter it

  • Click the Verify button

  • And you’re done!

The above mentioned procedure sums up the Sync AOL Mail with Gmail . Now you can easily access, send and receive emails from your AOL Mail in your Gmail Account! In case of any issues related to syncing of the account, contact AOL Customer Service.

AOL Mail Technical Support

Get connected over help service, chat service or speak to a Live agent are the customer support services offered by AOL for resolving any type of issues. It connects you instantly to technical support experts and proffers to address the encountered issues on time. But before starting with this feature offered by AOL Mail; users might be thinking on how to get connected with the AOL Technical Support team and what are the advantages of it.

Users need to try this live support channel, connect through AOL Mail Toll Free Number or chat and solve your incident or technical problem nearly 2 times faster! Here we have compiled all you need to know about the customer support services by AOL.