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"The power of recognition is one of the strongest forces for stimulating human and social action."
"Recognition is a powerful motivator - to those who receive it,as well as those who observe and recognize it."

Team Members Recognized


Location: Vista Gardens

I have been very impressed with Daniel's professionalism. He went to Phase II in New Jersey this week and I received calls about what a great representation he is of Team Washington. He has impressed me throughout his training process, specifically with the book reports he has submitted for the required reading portions of the OIT training.

I'm grateful to be on the same team with him.

Submitted by: Danny Malamis

Date: Friday - 03/29/19


Location: Kentlands

Cody is by far the best boss i have had the pleasure to work for. He is the perfect example of a servant leader and will never ask an employee to do something that he wouldn't do himself. He is nice to his employees and knows how to motivate them to work effectively. He encourages all of us to do our best and exceed our own expectations. For that, I cannot thank him enough.

Submitted by: Anonymous


Location: Vienna Maple Ave.

From our first visit , the staff was wonderful and the product delish. Jersey Mike's is our new ""guilty pleasure!"" Always a treat. We eat out fairly often, and there's a lot of choice in the Vienna/Tysons area. It's not hard to find good food, but what sets the Vienna Jersey Mike's apart is the staff. We're ""regulars"" by now, so we know most of the staff by name. But even when we go in and there are new faces behind the counter, we're greeted warmly with a ""Welcome to Jersey Mike's!"" The staff who know us know our order. Will or Marcus will ask, just to confirm: Will that be a 3 and 7 today? They know we like Swiss on the 3 and to pick out the extra bread on 7. They're unfailingly pleasant and professional. I believe that Marcus manages the Vienna shop, and I think his positive attitude and smile set the tone there. As I mentioned, I can get good food at a lot of places, but it's the connection to the staff that ensures we'll be back. Marcus, Will, and the rest of the staff reflect very positively on the Jersey Mike's brand, and I wanted the leadership to know that. Congratulations! "

Submitted by: BJ & John


Location: Bowie

Christan is one of the best managers I ever worked with. He is very good at taking notes from employees and making everyone on the staff feel recognized and important. I also respect that he works just as hard as the staff and even will blend in as if he is only an employee; yet st the same time he will maintain the high respect of a general manager by everyone on the staff. I just wanted the rest of the world to know about this guy Christan. We all love and respect you big guy. We could use a lot more people like you.

Submitted by: Team Member Number 1256

JM Team Washington

Location: All of Team Washington

A huge over due thank you to everyone that helped make the Rockville grand opening such a success. Dustin and Kyle for the countless hours spent with me, Sean and X for sticking with the crazy hours they pulled. (about 65 to 75 each) Debbie for the countless phone calls, emails, voicemails, and texts and never losing track of what step we were in every little thing we had going on. The amazing crew that I was so fortunate to find. Everyone else who came to rock when the Rockville crew was out of gas. And of course Danny for making it all possible! So blessed to have such an amazing family!

Submitted by: Austin Fiedler


Location: Olney

I went inside the store and I was having a bad day and all she did the whole time I was there was made me laugh and smile.

Submitted by: Customer


Location: Bowie, MD

Just wanted to recognize the staff at the JM's Bowie location. Since the opening of the Bowie location my husband and I have visited on occasion, however, we now make it a point to visit at least once a week if not twice a week. The subs are great of course, but the employees are equally as great. Juste, Greg, Bobby & Julian are an exceptional young crew with a great work ethic who are always friendly, polite and well-mannered. They are attentive, energetic and a pleasure. Please let them know that they are appreciated and to keep up the great work. Continue to hire employees of this caliber, take care of those employees and your business will continue to thrive. Blessings!

Submitted by: Kim Robinson

Debbie LaFever

Location: ALL

Debbie has worked magic. Seriously, she can accomplish anything. Any time I need help with something I know I'm never alone in pursuit of the solution. That's the greatest thing about Debbie: She is more passionate about serving others than being served. She treats our problems as her own and fights for solutions (She will also call you out if you are slacking on something). It is the perfect balance and I'm so glad to be on the same team as her. Thanks from all of us!

Submitted by: Graham