A Week at Belisamas Lake

A Week At Belisamas Lake is a mobile fishing game with a narrative focus about a thrifty grandmother-and-grandchild duo fishing 21st-century trash out of their local lake.

The game combines arcade fishing gameplay with item inspection and dialogue exploring the historical and personal implications of the items found by the player. It explores themes of climate change, intergenerational relationships, as well as the history of discarded objects.

Delve into the Depths of Belisamas Lake...

Look out for the wildlife!

Let's try not to disturb the peaceful denizens of Belisamas Lake

Grab that item!

Do your best to reel it back up

Explore the History of New Belisamas with Lotus and Pearl...

Check out our work with the Game Developer Program 2022!

Team Gramps had the pleasure of working with Facebook Gaming and Code Coven through the Game Developer Program to create A Week at Belisamas Lake!

How will the Children of the Future think about the mistakes of our past? 

Contact grampsstudios@gmail.com to get more information on the project