This includes all our outreach from our 2021-2022 season:

An overview of this season so far: hosted simple coding lessons to teach kids how to do scratch, hosted a joke stand while collecting money for the Alameda Food Bank, went to Chabot, toured Astra, and one of our members, Logan, is helping with an FLL explore team

Mingchuan and Chloe helping students in the summer ^

Over the 2021 summer, some of our current members taught a group of rising 1-5 graders how to code with Scratch. We had two weeks of lessons in which we taught them how to make a simple video game.

On Sunday (October 23, 2021) our team hosted a joke stand outside of Safeway in Nob Hill where we raised donations for our team. At the same time, we asked people to donate cans of food and money for the Alameda Food Bank.

On Sunday (November 14, 2021) our team went to Chabot for their grand reopening. We had a robot demonstration for children and taught them how to code with Scratch.

Teaching children Scratch at Chabot ^

Our team toured Astra Rocket after school on Thursday (November 18) to learn about what they do. We saw where they build and test their rockets before launching them in Alaska.

One of our teammates, Logan, is currently helping an FLL Explore Team in Alameda.