I am currently a Quantum Software Engineer at Infleqtion. In January of 2023 I completed my PhD in Computer Science at Princeton University advised by Professor Margaret Martonosi. I am currently working to improve the performance of Quantum Computer Architectures. My research aims to close the gap between high-level quantum algorithms (e.g. Shor’s and Grover’s algorithms) and the low-level physical implementation of the quantum computer (e.g. trapped ion, superconducting, or quantum dot qubits). Some of my recent work has been focused on improving quantum circuit compilation techniques, reducing the resource requirements of quantum chemistry algorithms such as VQE and digital quantum simulation, and designing benchmark suites for quantum computers.

I was an undergrad at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I received my Bachelor’s degree in both Physics and Astronomy. At UW-Madison, I worked with Professor Ellen Zweibel and my graduate student mentor, Chad Bustard, to better understand galactic winds and the feedback processes they create. My research was focused on the development of computer simulations to model real-world observations of these cosmic events.

Outside of research, I enjoy playing on the Princeton Club Hockey team and going on fishing trips to lakes around the Northeast area.






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