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 Welcome to the physics teaching website of Simon Poliakoff.  I have worked as a physics teaching for over 20 years mostly in England but completed my training in North Wales and  taught in Ethiopia as a VSO volunteer.  I currently work in a comprehensive school in Hertfordshire.  Over the years I have been involved in delivering various programmes to support non-specialists to teach physics.   In my experience, teachers will often see new ideas on courses, websites or at conferences but when they get back to their own school due to time pressure the new ideas don't get implemented.

On this website I am aiming to provide a complete schemes of work with ready to go teaching resources and support videos.  I hope that this will be useful for non-specialists or trainees teaching the topics for the first time and that I provide sufficiently detailed guidance to make the implementation straightforward.   Perhaps it will also be useful to established physics teachers who are on the hunt for new ideas, links to good simulations and  other resources to adapt and put into their lessons and schemes of work. I have highlighted hazards that were obvious to me in red but teachers should complete their own risk assessment before using anything with students.   As a starting point I have completed light topics for KS3  and GCSE.  If the response to these is positive I will gradually work my way through other topics around working almost full time teaching.  I have recently added some ideas for teaching magnetism and electromagnetism which I compiled together with Dan Jones.

If you have any comments or feedback please use the google form linked here and embedded at the bottom of the page.

I am providing everything on a creative commons non commercial license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) as I am not aiming to make any money but rather to help improve the quality of physics teaching and hopefully make some other teachers lives easier.  (For transparency my Simon Poliakoff YouTube Channel is monetised since otherwise all the ad revenue just goes to google.  Any videos featuring other creative commons  non commercial content are not monetised).

I am lucky to have worked with a variety of fantastic teachers over the years and many of the teaching ideas are borrowed and adapted from others.  I hope that they will appreciate their ideas being shared to a wider audience.  I would also like to thank author of Physics for You - Keith Johnson for permission to use some of the diagrams and worksheets from the support resources which I have used since the start of my career.  I would also like to highlight the excellent BEST resources which I have integrated into the lessons which are also available under a creative commons licence.