Teaching in the Time of COVID19

Welcome! Devon Price and Udayan Das have conducted a number of online training sessions on transitioning to teach online.

We both have years of online teaching experience, and work with one of the top 10 online bachelor's programs in the country according to US News & World Report: Loyola University Chicago School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Either check out the recording of the session that interests you; or start from the oldest and continue watching through to the newest.

Also, please check out our Upcoming Sessions and feel free to join our Slack space. If you have suggestions for future sessions, you can contribute that to the Slack channel.

Devon Price wrote this piece on Medium about Moving to Online Teaching - Quickly.

On 3/27/2020. We conducted a requested session devoted to non academic teaching/training/etc. scenarios. We discussed how to distribute materials (while accounting for the kind of devices your participants/trainees have and network limitations; ex: mobile phones), how to think about moving some content to asynchronous formats, how to develop and maintain Social Presence, and ideas on optimizing for connectivity issues. The recording is available here.

On Sunday, 3/22/2020, we had a follow-up session on how to use specific tools for Online Teaching. We focused on Zoom (for video conferencing) and Canvas (Learning Management System; LMS).

Here is a link to the recording of that Webinar.

On Saturday, 3/21/2020, Devon Price and Udayan Das conducted a free webinar on converting on-ground classes to an online format. This webinar was open to all educators of all disciplines and covered digital pedagogical practices, streamlining processes, and tips for making the most of online learning tools.

Here is a link to the recording of that Webinar.

The slide presentation used is available below.