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Email: tyler.rablin@sunnysideschools.org

Twitter: @Mr_Rablin

Google+: Tyler Rablin

Bio: Tyler Rablin is a high school ELA teacher and instructional technology coach in Sunnyside, WA. He is a Google for Education certified trainer and Apple certified teacher. Outside of the classroom, he spends most of his time escaping to the outdoors, camping and hiking wherever he can.

Motto: Innovate or become irrelevant.

Welcome message:

Thanks for stopping by my website. I wanted to put this together as a place for educators to go when they either had questions about tech tools in the classroom or just wanted to see what's out there. My first forays into instructional technology were full of bumps and hiccups, and my goal with this website was to try to help other educators leverage technology in their own classrooms without having to go through all the missteps that I did.

I truly believe that good teaching will always trump technology in the classroom, but when we learn to mesh the two together, we will do things we never thought possible in education.

So please, poke around the website, watch the videos, read the blog posts, and hopefully you'll be able to find different ways to take the amazing things you already do in your classroom and make them even better.