Belvedere Teachers as Readers

Belvedere Elementary School teachers love to read. This page lists our reading schedule and links to more information about books that we read.

Our Purpose

Teachers as Readers book club will meet to discuss the latest books in both middle grade and picture books. Most books will be diverse books in some way. Our goal is to be familiar with new literature to help guide our students in reading these works. At times, the books may contain controversial topics, but as we pursue an anti-bias curriculum, it’s important we learn how to navigate these topics with our students. All books will already have met the criteria for library purchase under FCPS Regulation 3013.2. The Teachers as Readers book club is not for the purposes of approving books for the library. It is a book club to build camaraderie among colleagues.

Our Norms

  1. Be Present
  2. Stand Up/Step Back. Be mindful of your talking time. Allow all voices to be heard.
  3. Share your thoughts about the book(s). Disagreement is expected, but all voices are respected.

This page is maintained by Marcie Atkins, Belvedere ES Librarian