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For commission-free online brokerage services and best-in-class trading tools, many users prefer to choose TD Ameritrade's trading portal. The users who were already a part of Charles Schwab would be happy to know that these two brokerage services have been merged together and now they are a part of a single company. Additionally, TD Ameritrade is also known to offer its services across the nation with its 250 branches that try to help users meet their demands. Along with basic trading tools, you can also get help from expert consultants to maximize your trading benefits. Hence, if you have decided to make use of this trading service provider, then you must know how to sign in to a TD Ameritrade login account. "covid-19"

Here's how to create a TD Ameritrade account

  1. For account set up, go to

  2. After that, click on the "Open new account" option

  3. Now choose one of the account types from the given list

  4. When its descriptive page opens, click on the "Open an account" option

  5. This shall open the account application form on your device

  6. Before you begin, be ready with your SSN/ITIN, employer's name, etc.

  7. Complete the application form by feeding necessary details

  8. Next up, tap on "Continue to personal information"

After you have fed in your personal information, you will be asked to provide some more information such as your employer's details, Tax ID, passport details, and so on. After completing the application form, you will need to carry out the TD Ameritrade login process.

How to log in to the TD Ameritrade account?

  1. From your device's browser go to login site

  2. On the top pane, click on the "Log In" option

  3. On the login page, enter your TDAmeritrade login ID

  4. After that, enter your TD Ameritrade login password

  5. Now, choose the start page option from the drop-down

  6. Click the box next to "Remember Me" (preferred for personal PC users)

  7. Check if the provided information is correct and tap "Log In"

You can also use the TD Ameritrade application to complete the Ameritrade log in process. After getting the app from the Play Store or App Store, you just need to enter your login details to complete the process.

How to retrieve a TD Ameritrade account?

To recover your username:

To reset your password:

  1. At first, go to TD Ameritrade log in page

  2. On the login page, select the "Forgot User ID" option

  3. This will open the Identity Verification page

  4. On this page, enter your SSN or Taxpayer ID details

  5. Enter your last name and date of birth

  6. Prove that you are not a robot

  7. Tap on THE "Continue" option

  8. The next screen will display your TD Ameritrade login ID

  1. Open the Ameritrade sign in page

  2. On this page, click on the "Forgot Password?" option

  3. On the resulting page, enter your User ID

  4. Then, enter your postal or ZIP code

  5. Hit the "Continue" button to proceed

  6. After completing the account verification, set a new password

  7. Confirm this password and save it for future use

If retrieving the TD Ameritrade account was tough for you, then you can seek TD Ameritrade customer service for quickly accessing your account. "covid-19"

How do I view my TD Ameritrade statement?

One of the many benefits of using TD Ameritrade trading services is that you can view your account statement directly from your Ameritrade login account. Here is how to do it:

  1. Sign in to your account with your TD Ameritrade login details

  2. Once you log in, click on the "My Account" option

  3. On the pop-up menu that appears, choose "History & Statements"

  4. On the following page, click on "Statements"

  5. Now, tap on the statement that you wish to view.

How to fix TD Ameritrade login issues?

It is a common scenario that users may find it difficult to log in to their accounts. In that case, they might need expert assistance to get rid of the login issues:

  • You can go to to get help for getting away from the login issues.

  • Another way to fix the login issue is to verify your login credentials before submitting and try not to enter incorrect login details again and again as it may block your account.

  • Try to remove the cache, cookies, and browsing history from your device.

  • You may also switch to another web browser for TDA login.

To Conclude:

For quickly accessing your TD Ameritrade login account, just make sure that you do not visit the fake website or feed the incorrect TD Ameritrade login credentials on the ameritrade login page. For your own convenience, you can always refer to this site or bookmark it. That's all you need to know about accessing your TD Ameritrade account to start investing.