Workshop on Topological Data Analysis: 

Mathematics, Physics and beyond

This workshop aims to share our knowledge about topological data analysis from the viewpoint of mathematics and physics. We are trying to make this event in-person with a relaxed schedule, so that we can discuss each other more freely. We hope this event help us widen our perspectives on mathematical and physical backgrounds about data analysis.  



2023. 02. 08 ~ 2023. 02. 10

Korea Institute for Advanced Study, building 8, room 8101

(Online attendance: )


Sang-Hyun Kim (KIAS)

Irving Rondon (KIAS)

Jongbaek Song (KIAS)


 (* online)

Anton Ayzenberg (Higher School of Economics)

Suyoung Choi (Ajou University)

Moo K. Chung* (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Bukyoung Jhun (Seoul National University)

Jae-Hun Jung (POSTECH)

Seungchan Ko (Sungkyunkwan University)

Kang-Ju Lee (Seoul National University)

Daniel Leykam (National University of Singapore)

Sunhyuk Lim (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences)

German Magai (Higher School of Economics)

Chul Moon* (Southern Methodist University)

Jongbaek Song (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)

Kelin Xia (Nanyang Technological University)


Irving Rondon (

Jongbaek Song (

Bohwa Moon (