Thematic Sessions

The Thematic Commission invites organizations and individuals interested in participating in the selection process to coordinate or contribute to the THEMATIC SESSIONS of the 8th World Water Forum.

The task of coordination is restricted to organizations, which should indicate a focal point to represent them in the process. The session coordinators will be responsible, together with their peers and senior managers in their organisations, for ensuring the quality and representativeness of the sessions, including modern and interactive formats that promote a great exchange with the participants of the Forum. In addition, both organizations and individuals can apply for other important roles in the Thematic Sessions, such as Moderator, Speaker, or Panel Member.

IMPORTANT: As this is a selection process, the Expression of Interest does not result in any obligation of the Thematic Commission to respond or accept any proposal. The final results will be posted on the website of the 8th World Water Forum:

After disclosure of the results, the selected institutions and individuals will be contacted according to the needs of the organizing process of the Thematic Sessions, which will be defined by the Thematic Commission.

If you want to participate, please fill out the form available online. Start by selecting one of the themes below.