An Alumni Perspective

Computer science at TCNJ is hands on, team based, and project centered—just like the real world. Take courses in exciting fields—artificial intelligence, computational biology, cloud computing—while collaborating across disciplines to solve real problems through computing. Our curriculum is continually revised to incorporate the latest advances and technologies, ensuring graduates are well prepared for today’s challenges.

Meet Our Alumni!

Emily K.

Software Development Engineer at Amazon

"When I attended TCNJ, being a computer science student at TCNJ meant being one out of a handful of students, not just another face in a crowded lecture hall. "

Adham E.

Software Engineer at Bloomberg

"Being a computer science student at TCNJ was an immensely positive experience. I grew technically, academically, professionally, and personally."

Sophie G.

Technical Project Manager at AT&T

"I always felt supported and encouraged by the CS professors. This really helped me get comfortable with asking for help when needed, which ultimately contributed to my growth in the major!"

Jabari B.

Programmer Analyst for New Jersey Legislature

"I appreciated the closeness with faculty, and I will always miss late nights in the research lab."

Victoria G.

Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) at Georgia Institute of Technology

"Professors were always more than willing to be mentors or put you in contact with other like-minded students. The freedom and support to pursue my curiosity, was invaluable."

Maso V.

Software Engineer, Product Validation at Tabula Rasa Healthcare

"Look ahead, work ahead, and prepare... but also make sure to have fun!"

Ananya S.

Software Engineer at Comcast

"The CS Program at TCNJ helped me adapt to this ever-evolving industry by teaching universally applicable programming concepts and regularly discussing industry trends. I was well-equipped to pick up new programming languages for my job, and advise my team on new technologies."

Hear From Our Alumni!

What it was like being a computer science student at TCNJ?

  • "Being a computer science student at TCNJ was an immensely positive experience. I grew technically, academically, professionally, and personally. I had the opportunity to interact and learn from professors and classmates who had a passion for CS and a passion for learning. TCNJ CS is a tight knit community, where students know each other well and have several classes together, and you have several opportunities to build relationships with your professors from classes to office hours, mentoring, and research opportunities. I think TCNJ CS department also does an excellent job preparing students for industry by having complete courses on professional development where you highly needed skills: resume building, technical interviewing, public speaking, and professional networking."

  • "Being a Computer Science student was both fun and challenging at times. It's always fun to see your projects running and work flawlessly, but it was also very challenging at times to get them to that point. As a CS student, it definitely required a decent amount of self-management to survive. You needed to be sure you spent your time well and planned ahead for whatever work was coming your way. There were certainly times when it came to a struggle, but you shouldn't be afraid to ask your professors for help. I certainly had some breaking points when it came to getting larger loads of work done, but talking it out with my professors definitely helped me to get it across the finish line."

  • "When I attended TCNJ, being a computer science student at TCNJ meant being one out of a handful of students, not just another face in a crowded lecture hall. I actually got to know my professors and classmates and build a support network, and the whole department earnestly wanted everyone to succeed. From drop-in peer tutoring and the tutoring center, to open office hours with professors, to resume workshops with student organizations like ACM and Digit.all, there were many resources to help students do their best at TCNJ."

What is your favorite memory of the Computer Science department?

  • "My favorite memory was definitely the semester when I did mentored research with a professor. I was working closely with a few other TCNJ CS students and together we were able to create something from scratch, using technologies/tools we weren't familiar with beforehand. That is the beauty of research in my opinion, so I definitely recommend the experience. In terms of getting started, just ask any CS professor for their field of research!"

  • "I really enjoyed the department colloquiums, where CS faculty or software engineers at companies, like Bloomberg, discussed industry trends and their research."

  • "The annual HackTCNJ hackathon was always something to look forward to with my friends, where we could pull an all-nighter working together on fun projects, eating free food and grabbing swag."

How did the CS program at TCNJ prepare you for your job?

  • "The CS Program at TCNJ not only prepared me for the technical aspects of my career, but also helped me cultivate the "soft skills" I need for presenting my work in software demos or whitepapers. As class sizes are small, it was easier to get individualized help from professors and connect with my classmates.The CS program fostered a positive, collaborative environment, and provided unique opportunities for students, such as undergraduate research."

  • "I am currently a grad student at Georgia Tech. The CS program at TCNJ encouraged me to consider graduate school an option after graduation. Initially, I wasn't sure what to do after graduation but the career seminar classes let me know that there were other options outside of programming that I could pursue with a CS degree. Those career seminars gave me valuable interview experience that I have used many times since I graduated."

  • "The CS program helped prepare me for my job through the adversity and challenges that I faced through the work loads in all my classes. Time management, planning, and preparing are definitely skills that I worked on through my time in the CS program. Always be sure you leave yourself enough time and space when working on projects. It can be very quick and easy to lose track of yourself and end up with multiple projects that require all your attention simultaneously. Make sure to look ahead at what's to come to be prepared for when things starts to get rough. All in all, these skills and more from my time at TCNJ helped me to gain more focus in my work."

  • "TCNJ's CS program helped me build a strong foundation of CS principles that are easily transferable to practically any technology I may need to learn on the job. Requiring internship or research experience before graduation helped push me to seek opportunities and get a better understanding of what the next step in my career might look like as well as have that experience as a talking point in job interviews."

  • "I believe the CS program prepared me for my job by stressing the importance of having side coding projects, doing internships/research, and participating in technical extracurriculars. Of course the knowledge you gain from the CS classes is valuable, but supplementing it with the things mentioned above will only help further prepare you."

What was your favorite course and why?

  • "My favorite course was Software Engineering because it allowed me to build products and have ownership of the entire product lifecycle."

  • "My favorite course was Computer Networking because it was interesting to see all the components of the internet and how they work together. It was definitely fun (even if it looked tedious) looking through Wireshark packets to see how requests were sent back and forth based off of internet protocols."

  • "The Intro to HCI was my favorite course during my time at TCNJ. It was a really interesting way to learn about why we make things and not just how to make them. The experience made me look further into HCI and do my capstone project on a UX centered project as well as pursue a masters in HCI at Georgia Tech."

What was fun about being a computer science student at TCNJ?

  • "I'd say the student community was the most fun part of being a CS student at TCNJ. There were always ways to collaborate together and bond over interests even if you were just sitting in the computer labs. Almost everyone I met, between the labs and the classroom, I enjoyed talking to and working with during my entire college career."

  • "One thing that I found really great about the CS program was that if you had any topic of interest you wanted to pursue there was always a way to make that happen. Professors were always more than willing to be mentor or put you in contact with other like-minded students. The freedom and support to pursue my curiosity, was invaluable."

  • "It was fun to attend the 2 student-led organizations that exist for CS students at TCNJ. Those are ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and DIGIT.all (Diversity and Inclusion Group in Tech). Participating in those weekly club meetings where we hung out with other students who can relate was really enjoyable! Sometimes we would learn new topics, but most times we were truly there to make friends, eat, and take a break from classes."

What is your favorite memory of your time at TCNJ?

  • "My favorite memory at TCNJ is when I got the opportunity to work with Dr. Salgian at the computer science info session. We would have parents and students come up to our table and ask us questions, and we would do our best to answer them. It was one of my first experiences with a professor outside of the traditional classroom setting and I got to learn about Dr. Saligans life and background. I think these interactions are very enriching, and had an impact on my desire to succeed as a CS professional."

  • "My favorite memory of my time at TCNJ was at HackTCNJ. The hackathons were always a major fun event no matter what you did. Whether it's to compete for prizes or having fun collaborating with your friends, it was always a fun 24 hours from start to finish. It was definitely my favorite weekend."

  • "I am very happy with how the department has developed in my time at TCNJ. I can remember coming in as a freshman and feeling slightly out of place. It was through iPics and ACM that I grew to appreciate the camaraderie within the department. Additionally, as ACM grew, the department started to feel more and more like a family. I remember being especially thrilled at the announcement of Big O's and the formation of DIGIT.all. All of this aided in making the department more inclusive, and I was all for it."