Uniform Page

PIAA Officials Uniform Policy

1. The PIAA Official's Emblem must be worn on the upper left sleeve of the official's standard shirt when officiating in all PIAA sponsored games. 

2. All PIAA-registered officials must wear identical uniforms during a contest. 

3. Required uniform for football officials: 

• Hat - Black fitted baseball cap with white piping. The referee shall wear a solid white fitted baseball cap. 

• Shirt – Black-and-white vertically striped, long or short-sleeve knit shirt shall be worn. The shirts shall have either 1-inch stripes or a state association adopted shirt with a maximum of 2 ¼ - inch stripes, a black knit cuff, and Byron collar. All games officials are to wear the same type shirt.

• Belt - Black leather, if worn, 1¼ to 2 inches wide. 

• Pants - Black – Tailored black pant with white stripe on outside of leg only. Knickers are precluded from the official uniform. 

• Shoes - Solid Black or Predominantly Black with some white, cleaned, and shined. 

• Jacket - Black and white vertically striped jacket (not to be worn during the game). 

• Lanyard - Black. 

• Whistle - Black finger style (recommended). Turtleneck - Black or white (if needed). 

The wearing of jewelry (except wedding bands and medical-alert bracelets) and wrist watches (except as a required timing device) is prohibited. Smoking and/or tobacco chewing is prohibited. PIAA sports' officials may display an American flag (maximum size 2 by 3 inches) on the right sleeve of their uniform shirt approximately three inches down from the shoulder seam. This will b the same position the PIAA official patch is displayed on the left sleeve.