Twin Cities Water Monitoring and Data Assessment Group

Welcome to the Twin Cities Water Monitoring and Data Assessment Group (TC-WaMoDaG)!

We're glad you found us! This website is the online resource for the TC-WaMoDaG group. Here you can find a calendar of upcoming events, resources including past meeting highlights and (eventually) SOPs for the monitoring, assessment, and sharing of water data, and a forum to ask questions of other water professionals in the region.

What is TC-WaMoDaG?

Mission and Vision: The Twin Cities Water Monitoring and Data Assessment Group (TC-WaMoDaG) is a partnership of public sector water resources practitioners collaborating to establish and promote standard practices for water monitoring, analysis, and data stewardship in the Twin Cities metro area. We facilitate the production of quality information for the effective management, protection, and improvement of our area’s water resources.

Activities: TC-WaMoDaG has set a goal of 2 in person events per year, supplemented by online content and hopefully co-sponsored workshops and trainings.

Who is TC-WaMoDaG?

It's probably you! TC-WaMoDaG is open to any public sector water practitioner in the Twin Cities metro area, regardless of work focus. At this time there is no official membership list. Events and other activities may be targeted at certain practitioner types (technician, scientist, management), water types (river/stream, lake, groundwater, storm sewer), and subjects (monitoring, assessment, data sharing). We will state clearly on the event invitation the purpose and target audience. Depending on the event, we may need to limit the number of attendees from a given organization.

Private sector water practitioners are welcome to participate in TC-WaMoDaG events as representatives of their public sector clients as long as they follow the Consultant Agreement.

How do I get involved?

It's easy! Click here to sign up for our email list, which will allow you to be notified of upcoming events. We'd also encourage you to sign-up for the discussion forum, which will enable water professionals in the Twin Cities to request advice, share best practices, and announce upcoming events. The forum is a separate sign-up, so be sure to join the email list and discussion forum!

Who is running TC-WaMoDaG?

TC-WaMoDaG is currently supported by staff from the Metropolitan Council, with help from a steering team of regional water professionals. If you are interested in joining the steering team, please contact either Emily or Jen (info below).

Additional questions?

Please contact either:

We'd be happy to help!