TBT-DHJC Village

Temple Beth Torah (TBT) and Dix Hills Jewish Center (DHJC) have been selected by UJA-Federation of New York to develop a unique community for our active over-60 congregants.  This community is called TBT-DHJC Village.  Below you can learn about our progress.  

Members of TBT and DHJC who are over-60 can join our Village e-mail list by clicking E-mail Signup Form

Submit your suggestions to Village Group Facilitators by clicking  Suggestion Form

If you are interested in helping to develop the new Village  GROC Volunteers Group, click GROC-Volunteers-Group_Form

Our Mission Statement

The TBT-DHJC Village is a welcoming, vibrant community of active adults aged 60+ whose purpose is to bring meaning to its members, connecting them and making a difference in their lives by creating programs based on mutual interests, education, enjoyment and service to its members and the community. 





-- Summer Newsletter

-- Sept 6 Village Arts Totes Painting Photo Album

-- Aug 16 Village Trip to Sag Harbor Photo Album   Guttenberg Show Review

-- Jun 21 Village Health & Wellness Yoga Class w Rabbi Susie Photo Album

-- Jun 7 Village Arts Book Covers Photo Album

-- May 2023 Newsletter

-- May 24 Village Arts Caumsett State Park Photo Album

-- May 18 Village Trip to Bayard Cutting Arboretum Photo Album

-- May 17 Village Health and Wellness Yoga Class Photo Album

-- May 16 Village Book Discussion Photo Album

-- Apr 27 Genealogy Meeting Video (password=&fFrkU1N )

-- April 2023 Newsletter

-- Apr 24 Village Arts Terrarium Photo Album

-- Apr 20 Village Cooking-Eating Ben's Latke Demo Photo Album

-- Mar 22 Village Health and Wellness Yoga Class Photo Album

-- Mar 16 Village Arts Tree of Life Necklace Photo Album

-- Mar 2 Village Cooking-Eating Purim Photo Album

-- March 2023 Newsletter

-- Feb 28 Genealogy Meeting Video (password=^#iG&5!4) 

-- February 2023 Newsletter

-- Jan 30 Village Tu B'Shvat Seder Photo Album

-- Jan 30 Village Tu B'Shvat Seder

-- Jan 18 Village Health and Wellness Yoga Class Photo Album

-- Jan 9 Village Arts Chunky Wool Blankets Photo Album

-- January 2023 Newsletter

-- See ACTIVITY ARCHIVE page for Aug 2021 to present

-- Aug 8, 2021 Member Meeting Photos

-- Aug 8, 2021 Member Meeting Flyer 


-- Sports (Pinkowitz) (41) 

-- Tech (Pinkowitz)  (34

-- Cooking-Eating (Fossner) (78

-- Arts-Crafts (Rayman) (41

-- Schmooze (Grafstein) (46

-- Genealogy (Austin/Sperber) (15

-- Trips (BroitmanS/Genovese) (73

-- Games (Price) (29

-- Writing (Gewirtzman) (31

-- Health-Wellness (Oliver) (25


-- Conversational Hebrew

-- Hazon: Jewish Values and Plant-Rich Eating 

-- Village Tu B'Shvat Seder

-- Restaurants

-- Pasta Shapes

-- CHAI Village LA Video

-- Getting Good at Getting Older

-- The Art of Aging

-- Pickleball Rules

-- Senior Scams

-- Free Course on Google Docs, Sheets, Drive etc

-- #1   #2   #3  Beginner Knitting Videos

-- Ashby Village: Aging Better. Together.

-- Village Movement California (Coalition)

-- Recipes

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