TBT Barter Company

What is TBT Barter??

By Definition

A barter exchange an organization that serves as a third party to coordinate barter transactions between members of the organization and as a bank to keep track of the value of barter transactions and the value of each member's account. Barter exchanges provide a monthly accounting for each member and year-end tax reporting of barter transactions.

What is TBT Barter Exchange Really?

TBT Barter is made up of local business owners who think outside the box and realize that making money is easy, but keeping that money in your bank account.... Not so much. TBT is in business to help business owners grow and save their hard earned cash with the use of bartering.

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TBT Barter Difference:

TBT Barter is Always Growing:

TBT Barter’s Goal is to always add new members to the exchange. We realize that in order for barter exchanges to succeed and to keep members happy, TBT MUST ALWAYS BE GROWING. We consistently add 10-20 new members per month and that will continue to grow.

TBT Barter is Your Local Barter Company:

We see it all the time. A business signs up with a barter company that claims to be national and have thousands of businesses around the country. That does sound great, but unfortunately, an exchange having a dry cleaner in San Diego, cannot help you here in South Jersey and Philadelphia. TBT Barter is YOUR LOCAL BARTER COMPANY. We are family owned and operated in Cherry Hill NJ. TBT Barter works with the local businesses that you can use every day for your personal life and business.

TBT Barter Practices Fair Barter:

The first issue that you will hear about other local barter companies it that all products and services are inflated in pricing. This is great for that barter company but it kills the members. TBT works hard to stay involved in every deal done between members. We make sure that all deals go through smoothly and the prices ARE NOT inflated. Because of this, TBT members respect their TBT Barter Dollars.

Barter, Save, Grow and Connect with TBT Barter!

You own a business. You’re an “Outside the Box” thinker. And you’re interested in growing your business! What are you waiting for? JOIN TBT BARTER TODAY! Connect with hundreds of like-minded business owners across South Jersey, Philadelphia, and the Tri-State Area that want to do business with you! .

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