End of Year Show Dates

**If you are confused with what items your child is dancing in, stay tuned as we are currently preparing a doc that lists everyones name.**

You only have to attend this if:

        • You have booked in to have individual photos of your child,
        • Your child has a lead role in the Nutcracker
        • Your child is a private lesson student
        • Your child is a part of these eisteddfod troupes:
            • 6u: Strongest Suit
            • Snr: bird box, woman,
            • 12u: waitress, last day on earth, roxy, hunger games
            • 10u: You are the reason & cover is not the book
            • 8u: Chitty Chitty & What if I shine

      • Dress Rehearsal Act 1

      • Once Upon A Dance, Finale & Dress Rehearsal Nutcracker

Week 9 Tuesday 10th Dec (IPAC Rehearsal)

      • IPAC Rehearsal for Once Upon A Dance, Finale & Nutcracker
      • Illawarra Performing Arts Centre
        • 3:00pm Stage door open.
        • 3:30-4:30pm Once Upon A Dance Classes + helpers.
        • 3:45pm All older students arrive for Finale & Act 1 Tech Rehearsal.
        • 4:00pm Finale Rehearsal (All students)
        • 4:30pm Act 1 Tech Rehearsal.
        • 8:00pm Finish. (Juniors will leave earlier - times will be set soon).

Week 9 Friday 13th Dec (IPAC Rehearsal)

Illawarra Performing Arts Centre

    • 8:00am Stage door opens.
    • 8:30am Act 2 Nutcracker Tech Rehearsal.
    • 1:30pm Finish.
    • Everyone needs to leave theatre
    • 5:00pm Stage door opens.
    • 5:00pm Arrive for show
    • 5:30pm Finale Rehearsal (Everyone except Once Upon A Dance students.)
    • 5:45pm Once Upon A Dance students arrive.
    • 6:30pm Curtain up!

Week 9 Friday 13th Dec (Show)

    • Show!

Week 9 Saturday 14th Dec (Show)

    • Show!