Unlocking the Power of Data: 

How Digital Transformation is Driving Innovation in Data Governance

Live broadcast: 


27th September

11am CEST

With the expected investment this year (2023) of over $6 trillion in digital transformations, CEOs are directing their companies to be more data centric.  With this, data is becoming an influential strategic tool and businesses are increasingly relying on it to drive decision-making and gain competitive advantage. However, they are finding that the traditional approaches to Data Governance are no longer sufficient. A successful approach lies in incorporating modern Data Governance, a Business First Approach, into Digital Transformation projects, thereby, enabling organizations to trust their data and unlock its full potential.


This webinar explores how Digital Transformation is driving innovation in Data Governance, including the adoption of new technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, the use of agile methodologies, and the development of more collaborative and data-driven cultures.

By embracing digital transformation and data governance, organizations can ensure that they are strategically placed to support current and future demands expected of a data-driven culture.


Key talking points:


Aisan Baird

Vice President Sales Engineering 


Aisan is a Vice President at Precisely who leads the EMEA and APAC Sales Engineering teams.

His responsibilities include identifying technology market trends, current and future business requirements, the alignment of those observations with Precisely’s product portfolio and working with customers to ensure value and competitive advantages are gained with our Data Integrity solution.

Where technology innovation or alignment of product to market trends is required, he is responsible for defining and working closely with internal stakeholders to bring to market, relevant modules with unique differentiators.

Aisan has worked in Data Integrity for over twenty years and has seen and actively participated in the accelerating evolution of this evolving discipline. He has worked with some of the largest organisations in EMEA, US and Asia Pacific across various verticals, solving a range of Data Integrity Challenges.

Speaker Panel: 

Allison Dunbobbin

Data Governance Manager 


A highly effective CDMP certified Data Governance Manager, with 20 years’ experience in various data roles including 10 years’ leadership experience in Data Governance and Data Quality Roles, contributing to the delivery of value-adding Digital Transformation Programs in different organizations.


In my current role as Data Governance Manager with the Sodexo Supply Management Global Data Governance Team, I am implementing a data governance framework by:

Mark Allen

UK Data Risk Office & UK Technical Risk

Capital One

Head of Data Governance at Capital One UK for all cloud and on-premise data. Experienced in creating world class data management and data governance functions as well as data steward training programmes for global scale business. Committed to building great engagement with data owners so data governance truly makes a difference and delivers value. 

An expert in disruption theory and innovation techniques, a different thinker and capable of optimising everything from processes, team structures, regulatory compliance methods and entire businesses to reduce cost, eliminate effort and creating more value. Strong skills in leadership, coaching, management and Agile methodologies. 

Isaak Saba
Head of Data Governance

GEA Group 

Currently working as a Head of Data Governance in GEA Group. Involved in defining and implementing a lean Data Governance framework.

Passionate to drive the cultural change when it comes to the impact of data. Develop and implement a lean and pragmatic Data Quality strategy and data cleansing software application. 

On my previous career steps, I worked as technical lead, data scientist and R&D lead.

Mariia Meleshko
Lead Data & Process Mining Finance Operation

Zalando ZE 

For the past 2.5 years I've been working as the Data & Process Mining Lead in the Financial Operations department in Zalando SE.

I have 9 years of experience in accounting, financial & business controlling, 5 years in BI and Digital project management.


I was responsible for P&L from a controlling perspective, implemented BI tools for consolidated P&L, led digital & ML solutions for sales, marketing and revenue management. 

I've seen many failures happen due to the use of incorrect data or poor data governance, as well as many success stories where the data provided meaningful insights and benefits.

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