Taylor Brysiewicz

Assistant Professor - Western University

Email: tbrysiew@uwo.ca

I'm interested in algebraic geometry, combinatorics, and computation. I like projects where numerical algebraic geometry can be used to prove theorems.

I will be accepting PhD and MSc students for September 2023.
Please see directions for applying here: https://www.math.uwo.ca/graduate/

Short bio:
I received my PhD in mathematics from Texas A&M University under the guidance of Frank Sottile. Afterwards (2020), I traveled to the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig, Germany to be part of their software group led by Michael Joswig. In 2021 I traveled back to the United States and became a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Notre Dame, working with Jonathan Hauenstein. I am now an assistant professor in London Ontario at Western University.

  • Computational Algebraic Geometry

    • Symbolic, Numerical, Hybrid

  • Combinatorics

    • Hyperplane arrangements, Polyhedral Geometry, Matroids in Applications

  • Real Algebraic Geometry


  • 22'/23' Committees: Colloquium, Outreach, Graduate Affairs

  • Co-Organizer of JMM '23 Special Session "Applied Enumerative Geometry"

  • Co-Organizer of AMS Central Sectional Meeting (22') Special Session "Computational and Applied Algebraic Geometry"