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Welcome to the best place to learn about getting tattoos in Des Moines, Iowa. Throughout this site, you'll find out who the best tattoo artists, shops, and aftercare facilities are. Furthermore, you'll find great information on the history of tattoos, how to design your own, what to look for in a studio, and frequently asked questions/answers. Enjoy!

About Our Tattoo Shop in Des Moines, IA

While we are a tattoo shop, and we are in Des Moines, Iowa, that doesn't keep us from reaching out to fellow tattoo enthusiasts all over the globe. We take pride in our little studio here, but we also take pride in bringing our followers the best information possible regarding what they can expect when getting their first tattoo to their millionth. Be sure to check out everything we've done recently on our main website: Tattoo Des Moines. You'll find out who we've rated as the best tattoo artist in the area based on very strict criteria. Many people from miles around come to our shop to meet him and there's a reason why. He's quite possibly the best in the whole region!

About Our Des Moines, Iowa Tattoo Artist Rating System

Everyone wants to know who's the best. There are plenty of review sites out there to check like Glassdoor, the BBB, etc. How do you know which ones to trust? After all, I'm sure you've heard that competitors can very easily get on most of these review sites and talk poorly about other tattoo artists, acting like a client the whole time. When we read these reviews, we have to take them with a grain of salt. Here's some great resources on how to find out if you're picking the right tattoo artist for your needs...

Finding the Right Tattoo Studio

What you can take from this article is pretty simple. Let the tattoo artist's work speak for itself. Don't pay too much attention to the reviews, whether they be good or bad, because they can be very misleading.

On our main Des Moines tattoo shop website, you'll see that we've taken a lot of time and effort to sort through dozens of local artists and tattooists to find out who's the best. I trust that you don't just take our word for it either, though. We believe that you should do further research and check out the artist's personal portfolio for yourself. If you're in the Des Moines, IA metro area, we recommend that you visit the tattoo studio yourself.

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Your 1st Tattoo Experience

If you haven't yet pulled the trigger on the metaphorical tattoo gun, then there's probably only two reasons why.

1. You're scared of what the whole tattooing experience is like.

2. You haven't decided what you want your tat to be or perhaps what body part you want it.

Both of these scenarios are pretty common. Don't worry, you're not alone in your fears or indecisiveness. We go over what the tattooing process is like on some of our social media. Here's a list of the most recent publications from our tattooists in Des Moines.

Tattoo Resources | Des Moines, IA

As you will have read in our many tattoo artists' publications, there's really nothing to worry about when it comes to getting your first tattoo. All you really need to make sure of is that the tattooist is licensed and that they follow all standards and procedures in sterilization and disinfection.

As for the pain of getting a tat? Well, yeah it's pretty painful if you do it on an area with not much of a fatty layer beneath the skin. Places right above bones and joints tend to be the most painful places to get a tattoo, so if you're threshold for pain isn't that high, you might think about getting your design on a different part of your body.

Tattooing Resources | Des Moines, Iowa

Tattoo Pain Threshold Hack!

Just to make sure you're up for it, the tattoo artist can do a dry run on the part of your body that you want the body art. Translation - he or she can make a few lines on the area where you want the tattoo, but with no ink in the tattoo gun.

It might bleed a bit, but that's about it. No permanent markings will last.

For most people who are scared, this is a great way to find out if they can withstand the pain and we highly recommend it.

More Info on Tattoo Terminal: the #1 Resource in Des Moines, Iowa

Our goal is to bring you a higher standard in cleanliness and quality in a safe, comfortable environment. Our recommended artist will give you the time and attention you need to get the best tattoo, done right the first time. Their tattoos are clean, bold, bright and will stand the test of time. In an age where there are so many fly by night tattoo shops, unlicensed artists and unscrupulous hacks they are raising the bar. From consultation to aftercare their goal is to provide an unparalleled experience that is uniquely their own. They will not compromise the quality or cleanliness of their work, you shouldn't either. Expect more.