Is Tattered Magic Right for You?

The Custom Que

I can only take up to 3 custom orders at a time. 

If I have any open availability please e-mail me to start your custom order. Read on the custom order process below.

If I am booked up please check back in a few days. 

Order C8 - Celtic Knot Bag

Waiting on Customer  -  Design Choice

Order C10 - Open

E-mail to start Order

Order C11 - Open

E-mail to start Order

Why Tattered Magic?

I believe in magic and my business. What I love most about my business is creating moments that feel like magic.

The moments that catch your breath, moments of wonder, moments of fun.

Happiness is a kind of magic that I believe should exist everywhere in the world.

 My goal is to create things that bring joy, from materials that have become tattered, old and discarded.

Custom Crafting & Engraving Orders

I will provide a design consultation to go over project details and time lines.  

We will agree on any designs, prices & placements before any work is started.

 Once materials have been cut or engraved I will not be able to make changes. 

For special orders; such as armor, you may be required to provide / and or source your preferred materials. By doing so you reduce overhead cost and help keep custom art and design affordable. 

Due to the volatile nature of dyes and the wide range of mediums I work with, if you would like a specific color you will need to provide pre-dyed material.

Customization is available for most products. 

I engrave on wood, mdf & leather up to 1/4 - 2in deep and 12 x20in in size.  

Please note  larger orders such as event swag have a longer processing time. Please contact me and we can talk about your timeline and product needs.

Commissioned work I am currently accepting

Past Custom Orders

C1 - Wallet

C2 - Dice Tray

C3 - Company Labels

C4 - Notebook Cover

C5 - Wallet

C6 - WWE B-Day Belt 

C7 - Bracelet 

C8 - Celtic Knot Pouch

C9 - Dino Purse

C10 - TBD

C11 - TBD

C12 - TBD