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As a keen social and club tennis player, I have seen how difficult it can be to organize social tennis matches. You usually don't know who is going to turn up, what time and how long they will stay for. Hence I set out to to create an app that would take the headache off the organizer (me!) and allow me more time on the tennis court too. Using my social tennis days for Beta testing made me realize that I needed to provide the ability to capture matches manually, allow for matches to be changed/overridden and provide capability to add another match to the round for the late comers where there is a court available.

MatchUp won't stop everyone complaining about who they played with/against or didn't play but it will provide you, as the organizer, a tool to make it easier to generate a variety of matches where players get to play with and against as many players as possible (as numbers permit).

For the ultimate round robin, MatchUp can schedule both singles and doubles where each players plays with/against every other player once (against every other player twice in doubles). This is suitable for individuals, teams and fixed pairs.

Team Challenge format has recently been added (in v3.6) to allow players from one team to play against players in another team in a round robin format.

- Dianne

Birthday+ Countdown & Reminder

I wanted to write a birthdays reminder that my Mum would like. Easy to setup, easy to use, clear elegant display of all relevant information.


  • Easy, quick to setup. No settings/configurations just one time only “allow access to your contacts”, and run the app!
  • Contacts Helper (IAP) to easily sort/manage your Contacts Birthdays without having to use the built-in Contacts App.
  • App Badge will display the number of birthdays due today
  • A notification will alert you at 9am on day of a birthday.
  • Lots of fun information (zodiac personality, Chinese animal, birth-stone)

Mum seems to like it!

- George

Do you need a quick way to generate a round robin tournament and capture the results?

Do you want to know who is leading the tournament?

Are you sick of using spreadsheets to manage your tournament?

All-Play-All Round Robin might be just what you are looking for. Click on the link above to check it out.

An update will be coming soon which will bring All-Play-All to the iPhone with cloud sync.

- Dianne

Don't waste your precious time!!!

Merge is the fast and easy way to see your up-coming calendar events and stay organized.

One glance is enough!

- George

The shopping list, with a twist!

When I set out on the journey developing apps a couple of years ago, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would get excited about a boring shopping list!

But it does seem to me that every shopping list out there in App world seem to miss an important and fundamental requirement.... Find out what that is soon!

I'm hoping that my angle on the humble list will be as refreshing and useful to you as it is for my partner Di.

- George

As a muso, I always enjoy browsing the App Store to find Apps to organize my life. So when I started looking for ways to document/catalogue my gear, there were hundreds of choices.

And when I looked for apps to organize and check in/out my gear, there were thousands!

But when I looked for an App to do both, I could not find ANY! So I created Gig-Bag primarily for me!

Being a Muso involves keeping track of lots of Gear. And usually it's the smallest and most insignificant bits that end up being the crisis when preparing for a gig.

So, Gig-Bag has two modes, equally important:

  • Gear mode to document your stuff - think of it as "insurance" so you can generate a fast report if you ever need to (e.g. in the event of theft)
  • Gig mode to check it in/out - Laptop/Guitar/Camera/PA speakers yes these are important... but don't forget the spare strings, power board, memory stick, song-list, adapter etc. !

I am using Gig-Bag in the real-world, and will further develop it as I discover it's strengths and weaknesses.

I hope you enjoy it!

- George