Target Gift Card Balance | Check Target Gift Card Balance

Target gift cards have been the first priority of users ever since they came into existence because they have helped resolve many worries of the users that what gift they should give to their loved ones. A target gift card can be purchased to gift on any occasion whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or anything else. However, several users are not aware of the method to buy a gift card from the target gift card sale. These gift cards are available in different denominations and are available in physical as well as eGift card format. "covid-19"

Target gift cards denominations

As we have already said that target gift cards are available in two different formats i.e. physical and e-voucher:

  • Speaking about a physical target gift card, you can easily purchase it from a store. These are available for the denomination of $5 - $500.

  • If you purchase a gift card from the target website i.e. or from the Target app, then these can be availed for the denominations of $10, $20, $25, $50, $75, $100 & $200, and so on.

Please note that the visa gift card and the Ulta gift card can also be purchased for the same denominations.

How do you buy a Target gift card?

Users can easily buy and check target gift card balance if he uses the instructions given in this article carefully:

From the Store

You can easily buy Target gift cards from eligible stores. All he needs to do is visit the store, ask the cashier for the gift card during the checkout. After paying the requested amount, the gift card will be all yours.


Users can easily get their hands on different types of target gift cards such as physical gift card or Mobile gift card from the official website of target i.e.

  1. The first thing you need to do is visit the official website of Target

  2. Now, you need to select the target gift card type

  3. Then, choose from the given design

  4. Followed by this, choose the amount value of the gift card

  5. Now, choose how you want the gift card to be delivered

  6. Either choose the email option, mail, or text SMS

  7. After choosing the delivery method, select "Add to cart"

  8. Next up, choose the option "View cart & check out"

  9. Choose the number of gift cards

  10. Finally, select "I'm ready to check out" and complete the payment

Once you use the target gift card to purchase something, afterward you can also check Target gift card balance. So, here is the method to check Ulta MasterCard or target visa gift card balance:

Method to check your Target gift card balance

After you have spent the amount from your gift card, it is a must that you check its balance to get informed about how much amount is left in your card:

Step 1- visit the website

Just like you do to check Amazon gift card balance, the first thing you need to do is visit the official website of Target, i.e. and navigate to the check balance section. Here you need to enter some information and go ahead.

Step 2- enter card details

On the balance checking page, you need to enter your card details such as card number which is a 15-digit card number. This is present under the barcode and you need to type it in the same manner as you see it. If the number is not visible, you need to scratch the silver coating to reveal it.

Step 3- now, type the access number

After typing the card number, you need to provide some other details such as the access number of the card. This number is present just below the card number. To proceed ahead, type the 8-digit access number.

Step 4- Click on the "check balance" button

After typing the requested information in the given boxes, you need to click on the option reading as "Check balance" and your screen will display the balance amount in your gift card.


This is how you purchase and check Target gift card balance. If you face d any trouble while doing so, you need to go through the same process to purchase the gift card. While choosing the delivery option, you must make sure that you have read about the time taken by a particular delivery to take place. If you still have questions in your mind, do not forget to visit the official website. "covid-19"