Medical Custody

Medical custody is a powerful roleplay tool at a medics disposal to create roleplay situations or potentially alter them.

  • Removing a patient to a safe place under custody should only be granted to those who provide a high level of roleplay regarding their situation, simply saying “medic I still feel ill take me to hospital” is not sufficient. If they are taken to hospital under medical custody a roleplay situation must play out at the hospital in relation to the previous event and reasoning for custody. If a person roleplays to get themselves take to hospital under medical custody and just leaves this is classed as power gaming and is to be reported immediately.
  • Patients are under medical custody from the second the medic is on scene to when they have dismissed each individual patient
  • The medic and patient decide when medical custody at scene is over, no other party has a say on this matter.
  • If a patient is taken to hospital, the medic has the final say when custody ends not the patient.
  • A medic may take a patient to hospital to avoid them being released into a dangerous situation (i.e. they will be murdered) but may only do so with the patients consent, however this should not be done to help someone being robbed.
  • A medic may not deliberately release someone prematurely into medic custody with the intent of them being robbed, taken hostage or murdered.
  • Medical custody is not a means to avoid arrest, the medic MUST have one police officer in their vehicle when transporting an arrested (or to be arrest) patient to hospital. The police officer is then also under medical custody and cannot be harmed or threatened in any way.
  • Before escorting a patient to hospital, the TPD must be allowed to remove any illegal items if requested.