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Your can help support the Tanauenos USA achieve its mission and the fulfillment of its projects by giving your donation. You can help make a world of difference in the lives of many Filipinos.

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Bahay Ampunan

Sta. Ana-SanJoaquin Bahay Ampunan Foundation is an institution for elderly women who have been abandoned or do not have any families to care for them. It is located at Barangay Altura Bata Tanauan City Batangas Philippines. It serves as the home for these women and has been their source of hope and respite.

Tanauaneos USA help sustain the expenses for the daily necessities of the residents.

Tanauan Dialysis Center

The Tanauan City Rotary Dialysis Center was established to help aide patients who are suffering from kidney diseases in need of hemodialysis treatment.

Tanauenos USA continues to provide support to cover the expenses for indigent patients who cannot afford the cost of dialysis treatment.

Sagwan Tanauan

In an effort to promote tourism in the lakeside community of Tanauan and to encourage the youth in the nearby communities to be involved in sports, Sagwan Tanauan Dragon Boat Team was established. Tanauan has sponsored Dragon Boat Tournaments and the team has represented the city in various competitions. Some of the team members have made it to national competitions. Tanauenos USA sponsored the team towards the purchase of a boat. The team continuously need support for training and other needs.