Tammaro Terracciano

tammaro.terracciano@unige.ch  tammaroterracciano@g.harvard.edu 

+41 76 558 07 10 or +1 341 766 9493


Welcome to my website!

I am a PhD Candidate at the Swiss Finance Institute, and the University of Geneva. In spring 2022, I visited UC Berkeley, and I spent the last summer at the International Monetary Fund (FIP). 

I am now at Harvard University as a visiting fellow.

Main research interests: International Finance, Digital Currencies, FinTech, Monetary Economics

You can find my CV here.  

NEWS: I'm joining IESE Business School in Barcelona as an Assistant Professor of Finance in September 2023.

Academic References

Laura Alfaro

Harvard Business School

General Management Unit

+1 (617) 495-7981


Barry Eichengreen

University of California, Berkeley

Department of Economics

+1 (510) 642-2772 


Harald Hau (Main)

University of Geneva & SFI

Department of Finance

+41 22 379 9581


Jean-Charles Rochet

University of Geneva & SFI

Department of Finance

+41 22 379 9758