Welcome From Dayita

Let me extend a very warm welcome to you and thank you for visiting my website. I’m Dayita Rao and I hope you will enjoy your visit to the world of Tamil astrology and horoscope divination. This is a form of Asian subcontinent astrology and is the most beautiful insightful and intriguing form of astrological thinking in my experience. The Tamil method of horoscope forecasting is derived from Sanskrit insight and described in Asia as Jyotish. This may be interpreted as a study of light and indeed, at its heart, this form of study involves those elements which make us as individual people shine. It includes those things that inspire us and motivate us, enabling us to reach our true potential here on the earthly plane.

Jyotish is a subject that requires an immense amount of study and commitment to carry out that study. The payoff, though, is that it provides to us an appreciation and understanding of who we are and how we operate in harmony with the universe around us. A lifelong understanding about ourselves and the path we are destined to take can be determined from this form of horoscope study and analysis. I personally have become very familiar with the details and fine grain meanings found within Jyotish and I hope that my personal analyses and astrological insight will help you better understand yourself as a person.

There are many who believe (and I am one of them) that Tamil astrology may well be the most accurate and reliable form today. Certainly, when compared with its Western equivalent it performs to a much higher level of reliability.

Over time the elements that make up this form of astrology, the knowledge, zodiac interactions, charting and symbology have received much scrutiny. They have stood up well to this test even today. The method itself is derived from the sidereal zodiac which means that the stars in the heavens are taken to be fixed points. Against these fixed points the movement of the planets are charted and calculated as they transition against the starry background. Those of us that subscribe to this method believe that the information derived from this study of the sky is a good basis for determining future influences and drivers that apply to the people we work with. So for you I am pleased to offer my Tamil horoscopes.

About myself

my name is Dayita (or madame Rao as some like to call me) and I was born in the Indian city of Poona in the last century. I spent most of my younger life in and around the town and area but as I grew older, I moved to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and it was here that I was first drawn to the concept of Tamil horoscopes (or Tamil Rasi as they are known locally). I was very fortunate to find myself taken under the wing of a great mental who passed on to me the different skills and techniques required to properly and accurately analyse astrology charts and preparation of individual readings. I was very privileged to receive this training and go on to provide horoscope analyses to those who contacted me and needed them for guidance.

Once again let me thank you for visiting my site and I would urge you to visit my free online horoscope site at dayitarao.com for free top-level horoscope analyses for the year we are in.