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Hi! My name is Tallal. I am a Ph.D. student at UW Madison Information School, where Dr. Corey Jackson is advising me. I am part of the Collaborative Computing Group.

My research interests lie at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction and AI. I study fairness in decision-making AI systems using the socio-technical lens in the global south. I also focus on the development and deployment of AI systems in the non-western context.

Before joining UW Madison, I worked as a Research Associate (RA) with the Center for Speech and Language Technologies (CSalt) at the Department of Computer Science at LUMS in Pakistan. 

For the last six years, I have worked as an RA on 07 research projects on the intersection of HCI, health informatics, financial services, and behavior change technologies funded by the Gates Foundation, UNICEF, DFID, Women’s World Banking, and Google, respectively. My responsibilities included framing research methodologies, conducting qualitative research in multidisciplinary settings, recruiting study participants, designing interview tools, carrying out in-depth interviews (around 200) in urban, peri-urban, and rural areas, data analysis, eliciting user requirements from collected data, designing the systems and conducting usability evaluations.

I enjoy playing cricket, hiking, and reading in my spare time. I'm a huge fan of standup comedy and sitcoms.