Talina Sondershaus

Welcome to my website! I am postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Economics at LUSEM - Lund University School for Economics and Management, in Sweden, and affiliated researcher of Norges Bank in Norway.

My research interests lie within empirical banking and household finance.  I conduct research on borrowing and lending behavior (corporate lending, household borrowing) and loan trading in the context of financial market regulation, monetary policy and climate change.

Email: talina.sondershaus@nek.lu.se


Nov 2023:  My JMP "The Effect of Asset Encumbrance on Bank Behavior: Evidence from the Introduction of Covered Bonds in Norway", joined work with with Jin Cao and Ragnar Juelsrud, is now R&R at the Journal of the European Economic Association (JEEA).

Oct 2023:    I received the Best Discussion Award at the Workshop on Banking Research Münster for my discussion of the paper "CBDC and the Shadow of Bank Disintermediation: US Stock Market Insights on Threats and Remedies" by Beckmann et al.

May 2023:   New version of  "Targeted asset purchases and business dynamics: Evidence from exits and entries of German plants" is now online.

Feb 2023:    Our paper "CLOs' trading of brown loans when climate change draws attention" is now published on SSRN.

Sep 2022:    I am  PI in the project "The effect of buy-now-pay-later on consumers" funded by the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova 

Jan 2022:     I received the IWH Best Paper Award  for my single-authored paper "Spillovers of asset purchases".