Description and goals of the festival

International meeting of teachers, students and friends of Tai Chi & Qi Gong from Europe and the Balkans. The program includes seminars in Tai Chi & Qi Gong and lectures in philosophy aiming to enrich the knowledge of the participants and to develop international friendship and partnership. The Festival's highlight will be set on Saturday evening by festivities and a gala presentation of invited guests in various forms of Tai Chi plus local cuisine, folklore and traditions of the Thracian culture.

The title of the Festival focuses on the philosophical work of 'Democritus of Abdera'. The intent is to achieve an interdisciplinary approach of Tai Chi through philosophy by analyzing the work of Democritus and understanding his theory in cosmology, the ethics and the atom. We will discover the strong ties between the culture of the West through the philosophical thought of Democritus and the Eastern culture of China’s philosophy.

Every year the Festival will offer the opportunity for Greeks and foreigners who are interested in philosophy and Tai Chi to meet and exchange.

This attempt and reporting of the work of Democritus hopefully will fulfill the festival's goal which is the development of human communication between different people, the enhancement and promotion of cultures and to provide the opportunity for the creation of a network of experts and friends who will share the universal values ​​of respect and acceptance of diversity.

East meet West Philosophy will stand as a universal language of culture uniting people of diverse origin.