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These are some of the organizations we support, who are doing great work in to highlight Filipinos and Filipino culture in the U.S. and the diaspora, as well as news from our community:

Inquirer's press on our classes!
"Poet launches online Tagalog classes for kids"
3, 2021

"...Llagas taught Tagalog classes at the Bayanihan Center in San Francisco bin the late 2000’s with face-to-face classes designed for adults and children. She has since left to teach Filipino full-time in UC Berkeley but has always felt the need to make Filipino classes available for learners outside of academia. She launched Tagalog Classes atbp. with her friend Ferlie Andong.

Both of them agree that language gets enriched as it is passed down to younger generations. For many second generation immigrants, Tagalog sometimes gets lost when children do not learn it directly from their families. Parents used to fear talking to their children in Tagalog would make it hard for them to easily assimilate in school.

However, parents today, especially second and third generation Filipino Americans, are becoming more open to their children learning Tagalog and embracing Filipino culture.

Llagas and Andong envision Tagalog Classes atbp. as a meeting place for teachers and students and for cultivating resources for learning Tagalog. They hope that it will also encourage community-based classes for other Philippine languages, such as Ilocano, Cebuano."

Thank you to our Community Partner, Positively Filipino for featuring us in your Community News!
"Studying Filipino Language And Culture To Help Heal Our Communities Amidst AAPI-Directed Hate"
June 2, 2021

"...Karen and Ferlie envision Tagalog Classes atbp. to be a meeting place where teachers and students can meet, and a place to cultivate resources in learning Tagalog. In the long term, they hope that it will also encourage and feature community-based classes for other Philippine languages, such as Ilocano, Cebuano, and others."

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