Our Policies


♥ If you are interested in being on our waiting list for a kitten, please fill out this form. We give the families who have placed a deposit first pick of the kittens, then we contact families on our waiting list before we offer them for adoption to anyone else. A deposit of $200 is required to hold a kitten. Pricing can change at any time. A deposit LOCKS you in at a specified price. Deposits are non-refundable so make sure you are positive you really want the kitten you choose. If you have any second guesses or doubts about purchasing a kitten, our advice to you is to wait. Purchasing a kitten is a huge decision and should not be taken lightly. You are committing to providing our kitten with a loving, healthy forever home so make sure that you are ready for the responsibility of owning and caring for one of these beautiful babies.

10 Weeks Old

♥ We keep the kittens until they are 10 weeks old depending on how they are eating and how well they are developing. It is our sole discretion as to when we feel a kitten is ready to go to their new forever home, based on how they are maturing. The balance for your kitten is due at the time of pick up or delivery. When you pick up your kitten, we will NOT accept a check for the balance. Please, provide cash.


♥ Our kittens are accustomed to being groomed from an early age. This means your kitten will have had their fur brushed on a regular basis as well as baths and nail trimming. It is important to keep this habit up so as your kitten gets older and develops a full adult coat, they are used to being combed and do not mind being bathed and groomed.

Litter Boxes

♥ Kittens are raised in an extremely clean environment and are used to this. You must scoop your litter box every day. Cats are very clean animals and do not want to step on their own waste. It is very important to their health to keep their litter box clean, as well as their food and water dish. Fresh clean water EVERY day!


♥ Your kitten(s) will have their first set of vaccinations. You will need to provide the 2nd & 3rd set of vaccinations and a rabies shot, and annual boosters. This is required for the 1 year health guarantee to remain in effect. When buying a kitten from us, you are agreeing to provide your kitten with proper health care, vaccinations, and regular checkups. You are agreeing to provide a clean, humane environment, with food and clean water at all times. Our kittens are not to be caged or neglected!

CFA Registered

♥ All kittens are CFA registered. Quality, beautiful kittens are our goal, but temperament is the most important trait we looked for when we got our kitties. Outgoing, affectionate personality is a guarantee if you are buying a kitten from us.


♥ You are responsible for the transportation of your new kitten. Please arrange for pickup to Peoria, Arizona, or air transportation is available for a fee - see more.