Taalmagic is an idea that was born in January 2019 with a mission:

"Promote Indian Classical Music by building a community of music lovers and connoisseurs. Provide a platform to emerging local talent as well as showcase established artists of Indian Classical Music and ensure that an artist does not have to perform for FREE."

Taalmagic Trust (R) has evolved into a platform that promotes Indian Classical Music by organizing monthly music concerts, private baithaks for discerning listeners, classical music lessons and also offers personalised lessons to enthusiastic learners (Click Here)

The best way to appreciate Indian Classical Music is to start listening more and more of it. And what better way to enjoy the beauty of Indian CLassical Music is to attend a LIVE concert. In the old days concerts were basically intimate baithaks where the artist and listener had a very close interaction and appreciation for the art developed naturally. Taalmagic revived this culture by organizing living room baithaks every month with the aim of helping more and more people fall in love with Indian Classical Music. 

Our baithaks are well attended and loved by our audience .

Collaborating with different artists, not only adds variety of content, it also greatly enriches ones own understanding of the finer nuances of music. These are things that can never be taught - only learned through experience.

The greatest desire of every performing artist is to get an audience that showers love and appreciation. Taalmagic has always invited immensely talented musicians to come and perform to a very enthusiastic community of classical music lovers.

Indian Classical Music has always been a field that was patronized by the royalty, in the past. This ensured that an artist never had to worry about sustenance and needed to only focus on getting better at his/her art. Today the scenario has changed and unfortunately many artists are expected to perform for free. Taalmagic ensures that any artist who gets invited to perform, also gets paid. We are very fortunate to have the love and support of our esteemed audience that has supported us in this endeavor.

If you're a lover of Indian Classical Music, Please do consider making a small donation to the Taalmagic Trust (R) by visiting the "Extend Support" page.

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